£10 – £1000 Challenge Bet

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Check out our £10 – £1000 bet challenge!

With the football season coming to an end, the excitement around English football has wound down once again, but we are celebrating the past season and all of the fantastic football we saw in it by starting a new £10 – £1000 challenge bet. We will provide daily bets which will feature a wide variety of bets from selected football fixtures as we attempt to turn £10 into £1000. We were pretty successful last season with the challenge bet and we reached the £1000 pound target, so make sure you get on our challenges this season to give yourself the chance of turning a tenner into ten thousand. Our bets will be posted daily on all of our channels, so make sure you have notification alerts turned on for @footyaccums Twitter & Facebook handles.

Our £10 – £1000 bet challenge is a bet that contains odds of 1/5 or more and must win for the bet to be successful. The main advantage of a £10-£1000 Bet is that the risk is low, but it takes time!

See how we reached £1000 HERE


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What is a £10 – £1000 bet challenge?

Start with £10 in a pot and put a 1.1 or 1/10 bet on daily (or at least around 1/10, odds will vary.) It should take 47 days to reach £1,000. There are no real rules except you should use your full stake every day! Which means the £10 you started with then all accumulated winnings added to the pot every day, which you then stake on the next bet then the next and so on…

If you start with £10 and just bet purely on 1/10 shots these are your winnings….

10 wins in a row at 1/5: £61.903 20 wins : £383 38 26 wins : £1,144.75. This can change depending on odds as it is unlikely that every bet will be EXACTLY 1/5 but they will be around that price.

With the season now in full flow now is the time to join in with the challenge bet! Our challenge bet will be posted on our Facebook and Twitter handles daily so be sure to keep up with it as we go on our journey from £10-£1000!

Which Bookmaker Should I Use?

In principal any bookmaker works for the £10 – £1000 challenge bet. However we would recommend using Bet365. Not only do you get a £200 welcome bonus when you are a new customer with 365, but they also provide some of the most competitive odds around which makes it easier for you to accumulate winnings.

We do ALL of our challenge bets with Bet365! Get involved with us today & claim your £200 welcome bonus HERE!!!

Do You Run Challenge Bets For Any Other Sports?

Yes we do! We have recently set up a £10 – £1000 Challenge Bet for the NFL season. After out success with football last season we are looking to branch out and NFL has some great markets which make a challenge bet feasible. If you would like to get on our NFL £10 – £1000 Challenge Bet then click HERE.