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AccaTracker Evens Challenge!

Following a successful season of challenge bets we have decided to run the Evens Challenge for a second season! An evens bet challenge is a bet that contains odds of around EVENS and must win for the bet to be successful. The main advantage of an evens bet bet is that the risk is low, and it does not take long to be successful (it should only takes 8 bets!) We will be using a variation markets including the likes of match result, request-a-bets & much more.

We run the evens challenge with Sky Bet, which means you can opt in to the exclusive Sky Bet Club. They offer a free £5 bet at the start of every week if you’ve staked £25 or more during the week, if you stake £40 you get a £10 Free Bet. Don’t forget to Opt In to the SkyBet Free Bet Club.

What is an Evens Challenge Bet?

Start with £5 in a pot and put an bet of around EVENS on each day. It should take 8 bets to reach £1,280 (this will vary as not all bets will be exactly evens, some may be 11/10 etc.) There are no real rules except you should use your full stake every bet to accumulate profit quicker! This means the £5 you started with plus all of the accumulated winnings added to the pot every day, which you then stake on the next evens shot & then the next and so on…

If you start with £5 and just bet purely on EVENS shots this would be how your winnings would pan out, some bets will be just above Evens and some below, but overall this is roughly how the bets will work out!

1 win: £10

2 wins: £20

3 wins: £40

4 wins: £80

5 wins: £160

6 wins: £320

7 wins: 640

8 wins: 1,280




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We always do our Evens Challenge Bets with SkyBet! 

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