Another reason why Liverpool will want Ajax to win the Europa League

Another reason why Liverpool will want Ajax to win the Europa League

Liverpool need Ajax to win but not because of United rivalry

We’re approaching that depressing time of the year when the football season is coming to a close but there’s still plenty of things to be decided. The majority of the Premier League’s main outcomes have been decided, with the exception of the top four. Liverpool, Manchester City & Arsenal will be thrashing it out on the final day of the season for the privilege of competing in the Champions League. Liverpool & City have it in their own hands and three points will secure their place in Europe’s elite competition, but if the day goes expected then The Reds will end the afternoon in fourth position.

As you’ll already know, finishing in the top three ensures automatic qualification into the Champions League but finishing fourth doesn’t. Whoever finishes fourth – which looks like it’ll be Liverpool – will be drawn into a play-off round alongside nine other teams. The clubs in this draw will consist of:

One team from each of Germany & Spain (4th place)

One one team from each of Italy & Portugal (3rd place)

Five teams that come through the third qualifying round (3rd place in France, 2nd in Russia, Ukraine, Belgium, Netherlands, Turkey, Swtizerland, Greece, Czech Republic and Romania)

So why do Liverpool need Ajax to beat United?

Liverpool haven’t been involved in the Champions League much over the last few years so their coefficient ranking has taken a bit of a hit in the process. As it stands there are eight clubs ranked higher than them in the standings, but they need to make the top five in order to claim an easier draw in the play-off stage. The top ten current coefficient rankings are as follows:

1. Borussia Dortmund (124.899)
2. Sevilla (112.771)
3. Arsenal (105.021)
4. Manchester City (100.021)
5. Napoli (88.499)
6. Zenit (87.106)
7. Dynamo Kiev (67.526)
8. Ajax (64.092)
9. Liverpool (56.021)
10. Roma (53.566)

If Liverpool can break into that top five then they will avoid potential clashes with Borussia Dortmund & Sevilla and open up the possibility of facing the likes of CSKA Moscow or Viktoria Plzen. They’re currently not one of the seeded sides unlike Arsenal & City so they need Ajax to beat Manchester United in Stockholm to ensure they leapfrog them in the standings – as the Eredivise outfit will qualify automatically for the tournament.

A Dortmund win on the weekend will ensure they’ll finish third and go straight into the group stage and if the Premier League goes as expected on the weekend City will qualify automatically and Arsenal will drop into the Europa League. This will ensure that they climb up the rankings and avoid some of the big boys in the process, ensuring a smoother route into the tournament!

Should the respective domestic European leagues end as we’re expecting them to, this is how the coefficient standings should stand going into the Europa League Final on 27th May.

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