Rooney’s return to Everton lands punter £2,000 after waiting seven years

Rooney’s return to Everton lands punter £2,000 after waiting seven years

Rooney’s return to Everton lands punter £2,000 after waiting seven years

Back in 2010, Wayne Rooney infamously handed in a transfer request which prompted chaos around Old Trafford, eventually leading the club to stumping up to some insane wage demands. Before he agreed to stay, bookmakers set the odds for his next move to be 8/11 for him to sign for local derby rival Manchester City, 5/2 to go to Chelsea, 3/1 to sign for Real Madrid, and 20/1 if he opted for Inter Milan or AC Milan. The only major outsider was childhood club Everton, who were priced up at a whopping 100/1.

We’re not telling you this for the sake of a clever pub answer, but because Manchester City fan Jordan Fawcett saw the odds of 100/1 to return to his former club as being bizarre, and stuck £20 on it to come into fruition. The only issue was that he’d put the bet on as a joke to wind up his mates and had misplaced where the betslip, which could have easily seen him lose his opportunity to pick up £2,000 seven years on when Wayne Rooney had officially chosen Everton as his next club.

He said: “I turned the house upside down to find the slip when Wayne did move to Everton. My brother was laughing but I wasn’t – it was a lot of money!”

Luckily, the helpful staff at his local bookmakers gave him an opportunity to prove that the bet was in fact his, accepting proof through his ID as well as matching the handwriting used for the original betslip, leaving him with his well-earned £2,000 winnings. The money will go towards his honeymoon, as he’s set to marry his partner in August.

If this story is anything to go by, keep an eye on those big odds and if you think something is worth backing, don’t make yourself live to regret it!

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