Samir Nasri confuses fans with bizarre tweets

Samir Nasri confuses fans with bizarre tweets

Samir Nasri

Samir Nasri confuses followers on tweets

 Manchester City midfielder Samir Nasri, who is currently on loan at La Liga side Sevilla, was caught up in the middle of a bizarre social media storm last night, as several damning tweets came from his account. The tweets hinted at his own infidelity with a woman from a vitamin therapy company. It all kicked off when involved company Drip Doctors tweeted to Samir Nasri, thanking him for using their services and hoping to boost their following by showing users of Twitter the high profile people who they’ve worked with.

His response very blatantly revealed other services he had experienced, which he also hinted at in a follow-up tweet (below).

Nasri 1


Nasri 2


The former France international then clarified how he came about hiring the vitamin therapy company, pointing towards girlfriend Anara Atanes as the one who set him up with the service. He didn’t stop there, indulging twitter users into even deeper detail of his evening:

Nasri 3 Nasri 4

Nasri 5

Drip Doctors then replied to Samir Nasri, giving him a lifeline in saying that his account had been hacked and that it wasn’t him in control of what was being said. It would have been easy for him to go along with it, seeing what he had done and making a massive u-turn on the situation, but he confirmed that it was him, confirming crucial details and continuing with his array of social media messages:

Nasri 6

As if it wasn’t already impossible to make matters worse, the midfielder then insisted on repeating the woman’s name, also saying that she ‘did come out that night looking like a prostitute and acting like one’. More tweets below:

Nasri 7

Nasri 8

After taking far longer than anyone would expect to see the error of his ways, his account released a tweet apologising for what he’d got up to that night, with some rumours arising that his girlfriend had now also logged into his twitter account in order to argue with him and worsen his already tarnished public image. He responded in saying that the tweets were sent from her as she thought he was cheating on her, also clearing up that a tweet sent out that appeared to bring race into the twitter row was untrue, with it deleted too fast for anyone to clarify whether it was sent by him or a fake account. More tweets below:

Nasri 9

Nasri 10

Nasri 11

His final tweet had him simply stating that his account was hacked and that he apologised for everything that was said:

Nasri 13

Several tweets have come to light since, with most being real but many also being created by fake accounts and others who want to add further fuel to the fire. This tweet came and went so fast that it could have been fictionalised, but his account did respond to some fans who were furious with the player after his actions, with one response clearly from him with hopes of fixing the situation and the other aggressively emerging from his girlfriend, who continued to share his account for the night (below).

Nasri 12

Not many actions were made on his girlfriend’s own social media accounts, but she did reply to Drip Doctors’ Instagram post, which was written in a similar vein to their original tweet. She responded frankly telling the world what else supposedly went on after they had conducted their services.

Nasri 14

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