Stoke City fan rewarded by club after being robbed

Stoke City fan rewarded by club after being robbed

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Stoke City fan rewarded after being robbed

An American Stoke City fan travelled over four and a half thousand miles from Colorado to see his favoured side for their recent game against Watford, but ran into some trouble when he left his bag in his friends’ car and came back to see it missing. He reported it as stolenΒ at Piccadilly Station and was in a panic as it included an expensive laptop with pictures and information he couldn’t get back.

After contacting the station on twitter, he received a concerned message from Stoke City offering him the chance to come to the stadium for a private tour before the match against The Hornets, where he could meet some of the players. He took them up on the offer with both hands and his highlight was surely meeting Bojan Krkic, who he had expressed as being his personal favourite player online.

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Speaking on reddit over what happened, the fan said: “Some locals I’ve become friends with via Twitter spread the word trying to locate my things and I guess Stoke’s social media guy got wind of the situation. I obviously would prefer to still have my stuff but it was so dope of the club to try and turn my sh*tty day into a memorable experience after travelling so far”.

He had spent over a week in the country, also making the trip to Stamford Bridge to watch the exciting 4-2 defeat to Chelsea. It surely would have been better to have returned home immediately after his first game, but the urge to see his side at their home ground was too much, and luckily paid off after Stoke’s tremendously kind generosity.


The only thing more enjoyable than the situation itself was the hilarious tweets he posted as he gently adjusted to British culture, confused by the food, the surroundings and certain English terms, but enjoying every minute of it nonetheless.

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He has opted to remain anonymous but it’s an incredible statement made by the club itself which shows that the safety of the fans is the most important thing. It’s something that goes unsaid at times, especially as transfer fees rise and the game becomes increasingly more bizarre by the season. Stoke City have shown immense kindness to what must have been an unnerved travelling fan, after going so far only to have all he had taken from him. There is still an ongoing investigation into who took his belongings, with hopes they will be retrieved soon.

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