The Best & Worst Player Announcements Of 2017

The Best & Worst Player Announcements Of 2017

The Best & Worst Player Announcements Of 2017

It’s been a frustration summer transfer window for several reasons. Transfer fees have skyrocketed, tactics to either push through or cancel out a possible move has been enough to make a difference in ruining various clubs’ plans, but the worst addition to the footballing world has been the sudden rise in intricately organised player announcements through social media. Some have been funny and caught us off-guard, giving you the feeling you should have when the club you support bring in exactly the player you’d hoped for, but there’s been far too many that have just been frustrating, embarrassing and it would be fair to say, possibly even creepy.

As there’s been such a distinct rise in these sorts of videos, we’ve put together a list of the ones we’ve thoroughly enjoyed, as well as those that left us scratching our heads.

The Best

Lorenzo Pellegrini plays himself on FIFA

The departure of Luciano Spalletti and the retirement of Francesco Totti has seen a big summer of change for Roma, with Eusebio Di Francesco coming in as their new head coach, bringing with him some players from Sassuolo. His biggest acquisition from his former club was promising midfielder Lorenzo Pellegrino, who came out of left field, being announced through the Italy U21 player taking on his new side on popular football video game FIFA.

Mohamed Salah checks his twitter

Although it wasn’t the most exciting of player announcements, it did well in the way of surprising fans of the club. Liverpool were looking to sign some players after confirming an opportunity at the Champions League, but links to Roma winger Mohamed Salah were coming as being unconvincing in the minds of Reds fans. After plenty of waiting around, the club published this video on twitter where the Egyptian is calmly checking his feed, waiting for the announcement himself.

Rooney returns to Goodison

Rumours that Manchester United star and former homegrown Everton striker Wayne Rooney was about to return to his childhood team were enough to resort the Toffees to tears, but it wasn’t something to celebrate until it was officially announced. As soon as they saw the words ‘Once a blue…’ on a twitter video from the club’s official account, they knew it would be what they’d been waiting for. It continues in their line of first-person videos, which they also did with Michael Keane and Sandro Ramirez, but it was all the sweeter to Everton fans when Wayne Rooney was the player unveiled in the dying seconds.

English lesson for Roque Mesa

Not many would have expected Swansea City to get involved with the shenanigans seen throughout Europe, but they did by bringing their own twist to the table. Spanish defensive midfielder Roque Mesa came in to replace outgoing Jack Cork, where they presented him to the world through an English language lesson with Swans fan-favourite Angel Rangel.

Jay Rodriguez responds to Baggies fan’s tweet

People who run social media accounts for football clubs have a lot to deal with, sometimes taking on a lot of aggression from fans who are waiting so long for their dream transfer to be announced. When a fan tweeted West Bromwich Albion’s twitter account, he didn’t expect to get a video reply from Jay Rodriguez, who happily announced the club signing him.

Arsenal post cryptic Kolasinac message

Arsenal’s attempt at joining in on the player announcement trend was especially clever, as they randomly posted out a short video saying that Arsene Wenger had signed all ten players listed, even though only nine names were appearing in plain sight. Lined up on top of each other, the first letter of every name spelled out Kolasinac, the Schalke left-back, who they’d in fact signed on a free transfer.

Sevilla kidnap Jesus Navas

When Manchester City released winger Jesus Navas, it was expected that he’d return to former club Sevilla, especially considering how he was once so devoted to the Spanish side that he was too homesick to make a move elsewhere. Something that did come as a surprise was the way in which they announced his return, posting a fake kidnap where he’s taken away in the boot of a car, only to walk out smiling in the Ramon Sanchez Pizjuan Stadium.

Southampton dislike player announcements

A bit of a buzzkill for those enjoying the mass of elaborate player announcements, but Southampton’s attempt to dampen the mood of those relishing in the latest trend was funny. They signed experienced goalkeeper Stuart Taylor on a one year deal, announcing it by posting out loads of negative feedback on previous videos, before making light of how underwhelming a signing they were making. It was edited for text to burst onto the screen, making a laughing stock of all the over-the-top previous instalments.

The Worst

Bayern Munich bring back an old favourite

Bayern Munich’s official American account is known for posting out all sorts, with less restrictions that their far more sensible German and English editions. When James Rodriguez was officially a loanee Bavarians, they announced his arrival by bringing by an old favourite, quoting from when he was hailed at the last World Cup, where Brazilian reports used the appalling headline ‘The name is Bond, James Rodriguez’.

Just to add to the frustrations of reminding us of one of the worst ever football-related headlines, the official James Bond twitter account offered their praise to Rodriguez and his new move, where the Bundesliga’s English-speaking account then replied to that with an utterly shameful James Bond pun:

Yeovil Town sign loan player on FIFA

When Roma signed Lorenzo Pellegrini using popular video game FIFA, they did it in such a way that worked for carrying out the announcement in a cool manner. Although it wouldn’t be fair to say that Yeovil Town’s equivalent didn’t have as big an impact, it’s hard to find it quite as exciting when the player’s face isn’t in the game and it’s only a loan signing.

Josh Tymon runs Stoke City’s twitter

Similarly to West Bromwich Albion’s announcement of Jay Rodriguez, Stoke City wanted to respond to some negative criticism by replying with a surprise signing. This time, it was Josh Tymon who replied, making it all the more unpleasant through his unnerved reaction, which makes him look more like he’d been kidnapped than Jesus Navas in his video.

Lukaku on the red carpet

The signing of Everton striker Romelu Lukaku by Manchester United was undoubtably gigantic, sending shockwaves through the Premier League as a key figure changed allegiances for a hefty fee. Originally posting their agreed fee prior to the official announcement gained United their highest ever tally of retweets on twitter but when he was finally a player for the club, they put out some really embarrassing pictures of him walking down the red carpet, with The Red Devils calling him a ‘box office signing’.

Rudiger working at Chelsea shop

Announcing Antonio Rudiger’s move from Roma had Chelsea really hitting the peak of how embarrassing these videos can get, where some hammy acting works hand-in-hand with an almost unnerving video. He’s working in the backroom of a Chelsea club store, where a young fan wants his name on the back of his shirt, despite the German not being a player for the club. In comes Rudiger to save the day, turning up in the storeroom like a poorly-chosen comic book villain.

Oxford City sign player in McDonalds

Lower league sides probably did the right thing in almost entirely avoiding elaborate player announcements, but Oxford City actually did the opposite, presenting the incoming Matt Paterson with him signing a contract in McDonalds. It’s still hard to know whether they did it as a joke, a way of picking at other player announcements, or as a fun way of showing a new signing, but it certainly leaves a lot of questions unanswered.

Aston Villa WhatsApp John Terry

These WhatsApp group videos are getting out of hand, and Aston Villa’s attempt at one is no different, as they used one to announce the signing of former Chelsea and England defender John Terry. Plenty of notable player names are used in the process, where it gets more absurd and unrealistic as the video plays on, eventually making it difficult to watch to the end. Everyone referring to owner Tony Xia as ‘Dr’ was an especially strange addition.

Roma plan announcement video with Kolarov

Already listed as one of the other picks for this list, Roma have surely made the highest number of player announcement videos this summer. They got so carried away with the whole process that they even made one where they were pretending to plan another, announcing the signing of Manchester City left-back Aleksandar Kolarov in the process. They’ve put together similar videos for almost everything transfer they’ve made, and it unsurprisingly gets very old, very fast. You just couldn’t make it up.

Invitation to Besiktas

The videos made by Turkish Super Lig club Besiktas were surely a joke, as various players were making fake phone calls, where they’d request another player to make a move to Besiktas, only for the player on the hand to comically and unrealistically reply ‘I am coming to Besiktas’. Unfortunately as with Roma, it wasn’t the first time they’d done this sort of video and it’s unlikely to be the last, the only thing we wish is that we understood the joke behind this.

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