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Fantasy Hub Features


The only Fantasy Football game you need to play

Think you’re The Special One? Got the nous to lead your side to glory against your mates? Then put your Fantasy Football skills to the test with Fantasy Hub.

Here’s some of the game’s stand out features.

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In-between game transfers

Each Game-week everyone is allocated a fixed number of transfer credits – usually 3. 

A massively important part of the Fantasy Hub game for users to get their head around is how to best use their transfers, as it is different from most other Fantasy Football games out there.

If transfers are used wisely, you will have at least 14 point-scoring players playing each Game-week.

You can make changes to your team in-between fixtures. As long as the player is in your team lineup at a game’s scheduled kick off time, you will get his points for the entire match.

You also retain ALL points scored by the player transferred out. For example:

If you have De Bruyne in your team for Man City's early kick-off, you can transfer him out during or after the game has finished for say, Richarlison, who is set to feature at 3pm the same day.

You will collect all the points that De Bruyne racks up as well as all the points Richarlison manages to get.

With at least 3 transfers available every week, you can score points for at least 14 players - unless you have injured/suspended players to replace or want to transfer out a player before he's had a chance to play.

Scheduled Transfers

With a unique transfer system, Fantasy Hub needed a unique way for people to make their transfers.

Scheduled transfers enable you to buy and sell players without the need to be anywhere near your device at the time of the transfer going through. This is a great help if you:

  • Want to setup your team and transfers prior to the weekend and forget about things until Monday.
  • Live abroad (or are on holiday).
  • Are at a match yourself with no phone signal.
  • Run multiple teams and struggle to make transfers in good time.
  • Are forgetful, or simply too busy around game time.
  • You don't want anyone to copy your transfers. No one can see someone's Scheduled Transfers until AFTER they have gone through.
  • And all the above would be useless without this – you can cancel/edit scheduled transfers any time before they go through.

Head-to-Head Challenge

This type of competition is organised between two participating teams. You can challenge another team in a specific Game-week for a wager of between £0 to £1m (capped at £0.2m to begin, increasing during the season). 

To compete in a Head-to-Head Challenge, you can either challenge an opponent through his/her Manager page, add a challenge to the H2H Lobby or take a challenge from the H2H Lobby.

Bonus Head-to-Head

Entry to this type of competition is automatic and occurs every Game-week.

Each team is drawn against another team at random and their scores for that Game-week are compared.

The winner of the tie receives £200k (£0.2m), which is immediately deposited to their bank (the loser doesn’t lose any money).

In the event of a draw, no one will win (or lose) any money.


Player values will start to fluctuate once the season gets underway.

Player values won’t change until AFTER the Game-week ends, and the change will be based on how many points the player has scored. 

Each player’s PlayerDAQ value can be viewed in detail on his player page.

Manager Reputation

Every Manager has their own reputation rating, which is reset each season. This reputation rating is meant to reflect your proficiency at managing your team. 

There are several ways in which you can increase your reputation throughout the season. When the season is over you will receive a Reputation Card for your Trophy Cabinet depending on the final rating you receive.

For more information on all the above features, check out the apps detailed help section. 

Fantasy Hub – Premier League, Championship and Champions League fantasy all in one, free to play app.

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