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Shots On Target Tips

The shots on target tips on this page look at players to have a shot on target in a single match. To create these bets our team researches historical player data to pick out in-form players with good odds.

Euro 2024 Tuesday Player Shot on Target Single

UEFA European Championship
  • Serbia
    Tue 25 Jun
    Player 1+ Shots On Target - Pierre-Emile Højbjerg

    In his last game against Hojbjerg had 4 Shots on Target & has averaged at least 1 Shot on Target in 4 of his last 5 games.

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    What are shots on target and the rules for a shot on target?

    The shots on target rule is one of the most complex in the game, but it is one that people believe to be relatively simple. According to bookmakers and statistical organisations, the rule for a shot on target is not as simple as striking the ball towards goal.

    OPTA state that a shot on target is defined as “a clear attempt to score that would have gone into the net but for it being saved by the goalkeeper or is stopped by a player who is the last man with the goalkeeper having no chance of preventing the goal (last line block)”.

    To put this into perspective, if Cristiano Ronaldo shoots and the shot is initially going off target and the shot is deflected into the goal, Ronaldo will not register a shot on target and it will go down as a goal from the person whom it last came off. Furthermore, blocked shots by other players also do not register as shots on target, unless that person is the last man in the defence. This means if Ronaldo shoots from range and it is blocked by a midfielder who has his defenders behind him, he will not get a shot on target. On the other hand, if Ronaldo shoots and the last line of defence blocks it, he will.

    A similar situation occurs for when involving the woodwork. If the player hits the woodwork (bar or post) and it bounces out, this won’t count as a shot on target. However, if a shot hits the woodwork and then goes in as a goal, this will count as a shot on target. For example, James Rodriguez’s volley for Colombia against Uruguay at the 2014 World Cup is a shot on target, but Frank Lampard’s strike against Germany at the 2010 World Cup wasn’t, as it didn’t count as a goal.

    It is also important to know what a shot off target. OPTA state a shot off target is a shot which “would have gone over or wide of the goal but for being stopped by a goalkeeper's save or by an outfield player”.

    To conclude, efforts that are blocked by their own teammate is registered as a shot, as this is not a defensive block and could be regarded as a pass. On the other hand, a clearance off the line by the opposition is registered as a shot on target and anything blocked by the last line of defence by the opposition is a shot on target.

    What are the Footy Accumulators shots on target tips?

    Shots on targets tips are chosen by Footy Accumulators as we believe the player or team involved will have a certain amount of shots on target, and not just shots.

    It is important to note that, unless stated otherwise, shots on target bets run throughout the 90 minutes of the game and the added injury time. In general, most markets run within this time limit and end once the whistle is blown to conclude the second half. For example, if you have a bet on Oliver Giroud to have 2+ shots on target in the FA Cup final against Arsenal, this will run until the end of play in the second half and not run into extra time, if this period is needed.

    Examples of shots on targets tips are individual players to have +1 shots on target to +3 shots on target - it is rare there will be any more than +2 for one player in a game, unless the opposition is far weaker than that of the players’ and this will be specified in the reasoning for the tip. For example, ‘Bruno Fernandes to have +2 shots on target against Southampton’ would be a popular bet and a more likely outcome. At the same time, something such as ‘Lionel Messi to have +2 against Real Madrid’ is also likely, but odds will be higher, as there are more shots to be had Real Madrid are much tougher to do such a thing against, as opposed to Southampton, as well as how Messi has become just as much a creator as a goalscorer now.

    Footy Accumulators offer the best value on shots on target bets for both players and for the team. Through our affiliates, we offer the best bookmaker odds and prices on shots on target markets, using the latest statistics and our expert tipsters to decipher the best shots on target bets.

    Watching shots on target live?

    Because shots on target bets are hard to follow throughout 90 minutes and as there is often a misunderstanding on what qualifies, it’s worth following the game along through your bookmaker. Sky Bet, Bet365, Paddy Power and Betfair are just a selection of bookies that offer the chance to follow the game through their app/website and also track the shots on target for both player and team.

    If you want to follow the shots on target, do so through your bookmaker online or app, or follow @FootyAccums on Twitter, and there will be a good chance we will be following it too if it is one of our tips.

    How we select our shots on target tips

    At Footy Accumulators, we choose our shots on target bets based off all the necessary factors: the team, the opposition, shooting history, accuracy, volume, the competition, and their likelihood of playing for a longer period of time.

    For example, it is unlikely we will have a tip for a youth player just breaking through to have a certain amount of shots on target, based solely on the fact that they may not register many minutes during the game, regardless of their shooting capabilities. On the other hand, Sergio Aguero to have +2 shots on target against Newcastle United’ as the Argentine is extremely prolific against this opposition and how he is likely to have many shots on target and how Manchester City will see much of the ball. Although, we will also remember the fact Aguero is relatively injury-prone and how this could affect his overall time on the pitch.

    Before each shots on target tips is made, we ensure we cover each angle with sufficient research and a look into the clubs/player history with shooting. To put this into perspective, Jamie Vardy of Leicester City tends to have a few shots off target, as well as popping up with a shot on target often. With this said, we may not offer tips on Vardy to have +2 shots on target against, say, Atletico Madrid - a very strong defence.

    Before each tip is placed on Footy Accumulators’ site or bookmaker affiliate site, the statistics are checked multiple times and we run them as deep as they go. For example, should Liverpool play hosts to a team fighting relegation, we would look at how Sadio Mane and Mohamed Salah would likely score against this opposition, the form they are in, how they are playing at Anfield and the defensive record of the players in the opposition.

    You would then see online ‘@FootyAccums tip: Salah and Mane to have +2 shots on target,’ as the tip.