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6 Scores Tips

FootyAccumulators bet365 6 Scores Tips

bet365 6 Scores Tips & Predictions

We'll have all of our bet365 6 Scores tips listed here on this page, so check back for each competition to make sure you don’t miss our 6 Scores Tips & Predictions.

bet365 6 Scores Predictions

FootyAccumulators bet365 6 Scores Prediction
Match: Score Prediction:
- Brentford vs Chelsea 1-1
- Everton vs West Ham 1-2
- Newcastle vs Wolves 2-1
- Tottenham vs Crystal Palace 3-1
- Nottm Forest vs Liverpool 0-2
- Luton vs Aston Villa 1-1

What is 6 Scores?

The 6 Scores Challenge from bet365 gives new and eligible customers the chance to win a share of a Jackpot by correctly predicting six match results from six selected matches chosen by bet365. A prize pool will also be split between players who have correctly guessed the result of 6, 5, 4 and even 3 races!

How To Play bet365 6 Scores

6 Scores from bet365 is really easy to take part in, all new & eligible customers have to do is:

Select the match result you think is likely to be the outcome from each of the six selected matches chosen by bet365.

Track your progress throughout the day as each match is played.

If you’ve got three or more selections correct you’ll win a cash prize from one of bet365's prize pools.

bet365 6 Scores FAQs

bet365 6 Scores Prizes

The available prizes for each round are displayed in the 6 Scores Challenge section of the bet365 app and site and are the following:

  • Three correct scores - a share of £5,000
  • Four correct scores - a share of £10,000
  • Five correct scores - a share of £20,000
  • Six correct scores - a share of £250,000

Prizes for each round of 6 Scores Challenge game will be credited once the result of the final relevant match is known.

The prize value displayed for four, five and six correct predictions is the maximum available based on a single winner for each prize-pool and will be reduced in the event of shared prize-pools. If more than one entrant predicts four, five and six correct results, the total amount of applicable prize-money will be shared equally between all entrants involved for each prize-pool. Entrants will only receive a share of the prize-pool they have finished within, a maximum of one prize per game.

For payment of large prizes, winners may be contacted directly by bet365.

Your bet365 account may be subject to standard verification checks prior to withdrawal of winnings from a 6 Scores Challenge prize.

Any prize money will only be returned to the named account holder.

How To Sign Up To bet365 6 Scores

As mentioned above you’ll need a bet365 account. You can also get a welcome bonus which you could use to bet on your own 6 Scores tips if that's your thing.

To do this you can go to our bet365 sign up offer page, and find the latest promotion you could receive when creating your account!

Betting On Your 6 Scores Predictions

Once you have submitted your 6 Scores predictions, bet365 offers you the opportunity to “Put your money where your mouth is” and place a bet on your predicted outcomes.

They show the returns you would receive if your selections were correct from a £10 stake, making it easy to back the results you’re predicting.