Fantasy Football Tips


Prizes Available

Each competition has different prizes available and provide some good rewards for those who are looking to compete in the different fantasy modes. There are weekly, monthly and season-long prizes available. Check them all out below:

Premier League Fantasy Hub Prizes:

World Championship - Entertainment Package worth £1000 (Xbox Series X or PS5 Package + 4K TV)

World Championship (2nd place) - £250 Amazon Voucher

World Championship (3rd place) - £150 Amazon Voucher

Manager of the Round (x38) - £25 Amazon Voucher

Champions League Fantasy Hub Prizes:

World Championship - Xbox Series X or PS5 Package

Manager of the Round (x13) - Copy of FIFA 21 (any platform)

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For more information about the prizes available see in-app...

Fantasy Football Basics

Fantasy football can be an extremely competitive game especially if you find yourself in a league with your friends or work colleagues. It’s important to stay one step ahead of the competition each and every gameweek. The best way to do this is by making calculated and logical transfers throughout the season based on form and difficulty of upcoming games.

The tips we provide are carefully selected by our team of experienced players to give you the best chance of getting those extra points you'll need to climb the leaderboard in your respective league.

What fantasy games do you offer tips for?

We sponsor our own fantasy football game called ‘Fantasy Hub’ which is a fantasy game that’s been around for 10+ years now. The game is unique as it offers the ability to play a multitude of different game modes from one single app. We offer Premier League fantasy, Champions League fantasy and Euro 2020 fantasy, giving you the option to choose from a variety of games depending on your league or competition preference.

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Fantasy Premier League

The Fantasy Premier League game that we offer differs from the official FPL fantasy game and can provide a refreshing change if you opt to play this one instead. Not only does it offer different game mechanics, but it also has some fantastic prizes up for grabs.

Fantasy Champions League Tips

Our Champions League game mode is one of our most popular due to the calibre of players available and the ability to play midweek when there is no other club football.

Tips for picking different fantasy positions

Selecting the right players for each position is essential in fantasy football as it can determine how high a score you get on any given week. To do this effectively you need to consider a variety of factors such as whether or not a player takes set pieces or alternatively if they’re going to miss a gameweek through injury, suspension or rotation.

Fantasy Forward Tips

Picking your forwards is one of the most important decisions for your team as these tend to be the players that are going to score you loads of points. Our tip here would be to select out and out goal scorers. Players such as Sergio Aguero, Harry Kane and Alexandre Lacazette are all good choices as they’re always looking to score. Sometimes picking a player that sits back a little bit can be a strong pick too. An example of this is Roberto Firmino who will pick up a lot of points sitting in the pocket and assisting the likes of Salah & Mane whilst still grabbing a few goals himself.

Fantasy Midfielders Tips

Selecting a midfielder can be extremely difficult as you need to decide what type of player you think will be best for your team. Do you want a player that’s a goal scorer? Then it’s probably best going for wingers like Raheem Sterling and Mo Salah. If you want a player that can provide assists, then you are going to want to look at players who make things tick in the middle of the park, such as Kevin De Bruyne and Bruno Fernandes. It’s important to balance your midfield so you don’t rely on just one type of player.

Fantasy Defenders Tips

Having defenders from strong teams is crucial. These players have the potential to get loads of points whether it’s from keeping a clean sheet or getting assists from full-back positions. Our tip for picking fantasy defenders is to pick the players from top six teams as they’re less likely to concede due to the dominance of the overall team. If two top teams are playing each other then it might be worth transferring your defenders out to ones that aren’t playing as tough a team.

Fantasy Goalkeeper Tips

When it comes to goalkeepers there are two ways to go about your selection. Our tip for a fantasy football goalkeeper would be to go with a big player from the start, such as Allison, David De Gea or Ederson. These guys are great shot stoppers and have the best chance to keep a clean sheet.

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