@Footyaccums Poker League

FA Poker Prizes 2021
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Welcome to the FA Poker League come and join us on partypoker to compete for weekly and monthly leaderboards prizes. We are giving away over £20,000 every month in added prizes, Gtd prize pools, cash leaderboard rewards and giveaways. Read on to find out more!

When you join partypoker you’ll get a very handy £40 free play bonus!

Below you’ll find all the information you need to get involved in our poker league...


Tournament Schedule

Our tournaments will be running every Thursday and Sunday night at 19:00

Details below:

Tournament Name: @FootyAccums Poker League: £1.5K Gtd

  • Days: Thursday and Sunday nights
  • Time: 19:00
  • Buy In: £2.50+£2.75+£0.25 (GBP)
  • Password: FAPOKER
  • Starting Chips 50k
  • Blinds: 6 Mins
  • Late Reg: Until end Level 16
  • Re-Entry: Yes (x2)
  • Game: NLHE
  • Format: Progressive Bounty (PKO)
  • Players per Table: 8

When will it be taking place?

Week 1: Thursday 7th January and Sunday 10th January

Week 2: Thursday 14th January and Sunday 17th January

Week 3: Thursday 21st January and Sunday 28th January

Week 4: Thursday 28th January and Sunday 31st January

The above 4 weeks qualify for the Monthly Leaderboard prizes

🔶 £40 FREE PLAY + Up to 40% CASH BACK Every Week 🔶
18+ | New UK Players Only | Min £10 Deposit | £40 Free Play Generated As Spins & MTT Tickets | 7-Day Ticket Expiry | Full T&C’s Apply | BeGambleAware.org
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Champions Cup Info

Every final tablist from the £5.50 League tournaments during the month will win a ticket entry to the £22 ‘Champions Cup’ £2k Gtd tournament, taking place on January 3rd 2021. The winner will be crowned the FootyAccums Champions Cup winner & win a Playstation 5 and winners trophy. Players can also direct buy in to the event for £22


Current Leaderboards:

The FootyAccums Poker League has weekly and monthly leaderboards so players can compete against their friends and many others around the world with online poker at partypoker.Our Poker League leaderboards are based on the following points system:

Scoring Points

  • 100 points for 1st place
  • 80 points for 2nd place
  • 70 points for 3rd place
  • 60 points for 4th place
  • 50 points for 5th to 8th place
  • 45 points for 9th place
  • 35 points for 10th-18th place
  • 22 points for any other cash
scoring points poker

Scoring points are not added up. Points are awarded for achieving one of the above criteria.

Entry Points

  • 9 points per entry
  • 18 points early registration (Register BEFORE the tournament starts to win 18 extra bonus points)

Bonus Points

  • 25 points for a special celebrity knockout
  • 30 points for knocking out FootyAccums, Oddschanger or Twenclosure
  • 37 points for 2 Final Tables in a single month
  • 49 points for ‘High hand’. The highest ranking poker hand posted via screenshot to @FootyAccumspkr Twitter
  • 69 points for ‘Best Bluff’. The best bluff posted via screenshot to @FootyAccumspkr twitter. Decision for ‘Best bluff’ bonus is made by @FootyAccumspkr
  • 77 points for playing EVERY £5.50 tourney in the month (8 to play in January)
FA poker bonus points 2021

Example: Pep registers the tournament the day before (18 points) enters and plays (9 points) and gets knocked out. He enters again (9 points) and fares rather better. He also knocks out @FootyAccums for special KO (30 points) and goes on to win the whole tournament (100 points). In total, Pep gets 18+9+9+30+100 points = 166 points for his tremendous victory. Jose doesn’t do as well, he registers the day before the tournament (18 points) enters and plays (9 points), gets knocked out, enters again (9 points), and again is knocked out, so he has a third try and enters again (9 points), but before he reaches any meaningful position, he is eliminated a 3rd time. Jose gets 18+9+9+9 points = 45 points.Jurgen does OK, he registers the day before (18 points) enters and plays (9 points) and scrapes into a cashing position placing 38th but fails to make the Final Table (22 points). Jurgen gets 18+9+22 = 49 points.Carlos’s luck is in, he registers the day before (18 points) enters and plays (9 points), he finishes 3rd in the tournament (70 points) and sends a ‘high hand’ screenshot in of a flush which he posts to @footyaccumspkr and they announce as the winner (49 points). He also knocks out special celebrity guest Ray Parlour (25 points.) Carlo gets 18+9+70+49+25 = 171 points.

Current Monthly Leaderboard Top 10 Standings Below

Rank PlayerPlayedPointsFinal Tables
5b w f c32281


Weekly leaderboard prizes:

  • 1st - Premier league footy shirt of your choice
  • 2nd - £50 Amazon Voucher
  • 3rd - Fifa 21 OR Football Manager 2021
weekly prizes poker 2021

Monthly leaderboard prizes:

  • 1st PS5 + Fifa OR Echelon Connect Sports bike OR Sky + BT sport subscription
  • 2nd PS5
  • 3rd £250
  • 4th £200
  • 5th £150
  • 6th £100
  • 7th £50
  • 8th - 9th - 10th Champions Cup tickets
monthly leaderboard prizes poker 2021

Special Prizes And Guests

Now that you have your eyes set on the weekly and monthly prizes, it’s time to get ready to challenge us!

To win a special bounty prize you need to knock us out, our poker account is FootyAccums. Special bounty prizes and points will be on offer for knocking out Twenclosure and Oddschanger check out their Twitter accounts for prize information.

Look out for extra special guests too, previously we have been joined by Carl Froch, Jamie O’Hara, Jaime Staples, Jake Cody, John Duthie, Patrick Leonard, Steve Warburton, Stephen Hendry, Alan McInally, Gabby Agbonlahor, Carlton Cole, Jermaine Pennant, Wes Brown, Ray Parlour, Alan Brazil, the Under the Cosh team and more.

Our first giveaway is a £100 bounty on the heads of Ray Parlour & Alan Brazil. Knock them BOTH out and win a whopping £1000! (Sunday 6th Dec 2020)

Don’t forget the PS5 that can also be won for winning our ‘Champions Cup’ tournament which you can qualify for by making any final table during the month.

Keep an eye out on all the @FootyAccums & @FootyAccumsPkr socials for constantly updated special prizes & giveaways.

🔶 £40 FREE PLAY + Up to 40% CASH BACK Every Week 🔶
18+ | New UK Players Only | Min £10 Deposit | £40 Free Play Generated As Spins & MTT Tickets | 7-Day Ticket Expiry | Full T&C’s Apply | BeGambleAware.org
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Tournament Format

All of our @FootyAccums poker tournaments will be Progressive Knockout tournaments or PKOs. These are action-packed tournaments where the more players you knock out, the more money you win! For every player, you knock out you will win a cash prize, while your own bounty increases.partypoker has removed the rake from the bounty element of Progressive Knockout (PKO) MTTs, meaning there is now even more money to be won for every player you knock out in these popular KO events. Because they don’t rake the bounty, all of the bounties are bigger, which means more money can be won by players. The prize pools for finishing in a placed position remain unchanged.For example: $109 Progressive Knockout Multi Table Tournament ($109 PKO MTT) Previously: $50 prizepool contribution, $50 KO contribution, $9 feeNow: $50 prizepool contribution, $54 KO contribution, $5 feeWe are running tournaments every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday night at 19:00 UK time.For our exclusive @footyaccums PKO tournaments:

  • 50% of prize pool is paid out as normal
  • 50% of prize pool is distributed across all players as “bounties”, so every player starts with the same bounty on their own head.
  • When you KO a player, you bank 50% of their bounty, and the other 50% goes onto your own bounty, making your bounty bigger.
  • If you win the tournament, you win 1st place prize pool, plus keep your own bounty.

Example:Peter plays a £5.50 PKO tournament, of his entry £2.50 goes into the prize pool, £2.75 is the bounty on Peter’s head, £0.25 is the fee for entering the tournament.Peter knocks out another player who also has a £2.75 bounty on his head, Peter banks $1.37, and Peter’s bounty increases to £4.13.Peter gets knocked out by Dave – Dave banks £2.06 and Dave’s own bounty increases by the same amount.By the end of the tournament, the bounties can be huge, in a 1000 entry £5.50 tournament, the bounties on the final 2 players will usually be in excess of £100 each, often much higher!

Welcome Offer & How It Works

We have teamed up with partypoker to bring our followers the best sign up offers and promotions for all those seeking a step into the world of online poker. This partypoker welcome offer is available to UK players only and requires a minimum deposit of £10 into your account on partypoker.com. Once you’ve made a qualifying deposit of £10 or more you’ll get £40 worth of free tickets over 6 days.

You will get:

  • Day 1: 5x $1 SPINS tickets + 1x $5.50 MTT ticket
  • Day 2: 1x $3 SPINS ticket + 1x $3.30 MTT ticket
  • Day 3: 1x $3 SPINS ticket + 2x $3.30 MTT tickets
  • Day 4: 4x $0.25 SPINS tickets + 1x $5.50 MTT ticket
  • Day 5: 1x $5 SPINS ticket + 1x $3.30 MTT ticket
  • Day 6: 5x $1 SPINS tickets + 1x $5.50 MTT ticket

All SPINS tickets will expire 7 days from when they are issued into your account. All unused SPINS tickets will be removed from the new customer’s account.

For further information and terms and conditions click here

See what the partypoker welcome bonus is

@Footyaccums Poker League Leaderboard Promotion Terms And Conditions

  1. This promotion starts on Thursday 7th January 2021 and ends on 7th Feb 2021 for the 4 x weekly leaderboards and the month 4 leaderboard.
  2. You must be over the age of 18 to participate.
  3. Our poker tournaments are only available to players in all territories where partypoker accept players.
  4. By taking part in the FootyAccums Poker League Games you agree that FootyAccums and our associated brands can publish your screen name and points on social media and on our websites. You also agree that we can publish screenshots of poker tables, rankings, bounty and prizepool amounts during and after the tournaments on FootyAccums and our associated brands social media and websites. We will not publish any personal information about you.
  5. Leaderboards will be updated and published within 48 hours of a tournament ending.
  6. Bounty Prizes: All bounties will be announced on our social media ahead of the tournaments starting. If you knock out one of our special bounties, you need to direct message us via @FootyAccumsPkr to claim your prize within 48 hours.
  7. If you win a special KO prize and or a flash prize, you need to direct message us via @footyaccumspkr to claim your prize within 48 hours.
  8. Any cash prizes or poker tickets will be credited within one week of the leaderboards being finalised.
  9. We will endeavour to arrange delivery of any special KO prize or Flash prize as soon as is practically possible with the current UK situation. Prizes such as PS5’s or Xbox’s, football shirts etc will be delivered direct from the supplier and delivered based on their timescales.
  10. Social Media Ticket Giveaways: Tickets are limited and will be issued on a first come first served basis. Tickets will be credited to your poker account ahead of the next tournament starting, for example if you win a ticket on a Sunday it will be credited to your poker account ahead of Friday’s tournament.
  11. Sky & BT Sport subscription prize consists of a 12 month basic Sky package with Sky sports and BT sports included, subject to Sky terms and conditions
  12. By signing up and playing on partypoker you agree to their terms and conditions
  13. This is a fun promotion and we reserve the right to exclude any player who acts in a manner which we deem to be contrary to the goodwill and spirit of this promotion.
  14. We reserve the right to modify or cancel this promotion at any time without prior notice.
  15. Our decision is final.
🔶 £40 FREE PLAY + Up to 40% CASH BACK Every Week 🔶
18+ | New UK Players Only | Min £10 Deposit | £40 Free Play Generated As Spins & MTT Tickets | 7-Day Ticket Expiry | Full T&C’s Apply | BeGambleAware.org
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