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50 Most Expensive Premier League Transfers

Can you name the 50 most expensive transfers in Premier League history?

The Premier League is the most competitive and richest league in world football, with some huge amounts of money thrown around. The huge global demand for the division coupled with the massive injection of broadcasting money has given each club mega spending power when it comes to transfers. Long gone are the days when top flight clubs dipped in the bargain bin, we're now seeing fees of £30m thrown around on a regular basis which shows just how wealthy clubs in England are and it's something that's only going to keep on increasing.

Over the last couple of years we've seen clubs around the Premier League smash their transfer records, with 19 of the current 20 sides in the top flight having done so. Newcastle United are the only exception, with their £17m purchase of Michael Owen back in 2005 still surprisingly their record. This summer just gone we saw no fewer than 9 players move for over £50m which shows just how much cash these clubs have to throw around.

We've been taking a look at some of the fees paid by Premier League clubs over the last few years and put together a quiz that'll really test your knowledge. We want to see if you can name the 50 most expensive transfers to be completed in the competitions 26 year history - with the majority of them happening over the last 5 years. We're expecting some big scores here, so anything over 40 is a very decent effort. Give it your best shot below and tweet your scores into us @FootyAccums to see how you compare with the rest of our followers!