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Every £20m+ signing made by a Premier League club

Can you name every £20m+ signing ever made by a Premier League club?

The Premier League season is now over and the transfer window has once again opened. The players are on holiday but their agents and clubs are hard at work. Each season we see more and more players moving from team to team. In modern football it is now rare to see a player go their entire career at one club. With the likes of the MLS and now the Chinese league forming players now have to opportunity to earn a lot of money as their career winds down.

The rise in demand for football has meant clubs are getting pumped full of money. TV rights have sky rocketed and this has meant the price of player has also risen. Before the Premier League began the though of signing a player for over £10m was lunacy. The average player now goes for more that £20m and since the formation of the Premier League over one hundred players have been signed for £20m+.

We want to see if you can name every £20m+ signing ever made by a Premier League club. It sounds easy but it’s a lot more difficult than you think, with 120 answers to guess. We’ve given you a pretty generous twelve minutes to name as many as possible and once you’ve given it your best shot tweet us @FootyAccums and we’ll RT the best – good luck!