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Every goalkeeper that cost £10m+

Can you name every goalkeeper that cost £10m+?

Goalkeepers are one of the most important positions on the football pitch. You can become a hero but one mistake can label you a villain for a long time. The best example of this is very recent. Loris Karius, the Liverpool goalkeeper had a good season and helped his side get to the Champions League final. In that final he made two very bad mistakes and now if the fans get their way he will never play for the club again. His confidence has been hit hard but he's still young so may be able to come back from this, but that may not be at Liverpool.

Liverpool are now in the market for a new goalkeeper and only the best will do. Jurgen Klopp's squad is coming together nicely but he can't wait to bring through a new goalkeeper, he needs a top class one now if they wish to challenge this season. In today's transfer market this will mean spending £50m+. If they managed to sign a new goalkeeper they'll likely be the most expensive of all time with the current record being £35m.

We want to see if you can name every goalkeeper that cost £10m+. It sounds easy but it’s a lot more difficult than you think, with 20 answers to guess. We’ve given you a pretty generous six minutes to name as many as possible and once you’ve given it your best shot tweet us @FootyAccums and we’ll RT the best – good luck!