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Manchester City 4-2 Arsenal Starting XI's

Can you name the starting XI's from Manchester City's 4-2 win over Arsenal?

We've seen some incredible games and moments during the Premier League era. The top flight is now 26 years-old and it's firmly established itself as the worlds go-to division, with the demand for it bigger than anything else in the game. One of the best matches that we've come across came 9 years ago today, when Manchester City took on Arsenal at the Etihad Stadium in a game that has become remembered because of the actions of Emmanuel Adebayor.

The Togo international moved to the north west from the Gunners in the summer of 2009 for a huge fee of around £25 million, he drew plenty of criticism from the Arsenal supporters with them clearly furious that he chose to depart - especially for a side with the financial might of City. So when they faced off at the Etihad early on in the campaign, he was bound to receive a frosty reception. All game he was getting booed and jeered by the opposition supporters, so when he scored late on to put City 3-1 up he decided to run the length of the pitch and celebrate in front of the Arsenal fans - a move that they didn't like to say the least! City went on to win 4-2 and it gave us an inkling into just how good the Blues were going to be in the years to come.

It's gone down as one of the most iconic celebrations in Premier League history and it's one remembered fondly by City fans, with that clearly Adebayor's biggest contribution in a blue shirt! With today marking the 9 year anniversary of that famous game, we've put together a quiz where you have to name both sides starting XI's from that day. Give it your best shot and tweet your efforts into us @FootyAccums to see how you compare with the rest of our followers!