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Most represented clubs and country at the World Cup

World Cup

Can you name the most represented clubs and country at the 2018 World Cup?

The World Cup is well on it's way and club managers will be excited to see how their players get on. In promotional adverts for the World Cup Jose Mourinho has come out saying he hopes some of his players don't progress too far in the competition so his players can get a rest. Club managers will have their fingers crossed that none of their players get injured ahead of the new season. After the 2016 European Championships the French players missed the first few games in the Premier League to recover, it puts managers in a strange situation when supporting their players.

Tournaments like this give lesser known players the chance to put themselves on the map and get a move to one of the top countries for domestic football. The World Cup is a great platform for this and managers from all over the world will be keeping an eye on their players as well as looking for new talent to bring in.

We want to see if you can name the most represented clubs and country at the 2018 World Cup. It sounds easy but it’s a lot more difficult than you think, with 22 answers to guess. We’ve given you a pretty generous five minutes to name as many as possible and once you’ve given it your best shot tweet us @FootyAccums and we’ll RT the best – good luck!