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Premier League Penalties Saved

Can you name the goalkeepers to have saved the most penalties in Premier League history?

Every position on the football pitch is incredibly important, but having a good goalkeeper is right near the top of the list of necessities. Every teams backline will be breached from time to time so possessing a top goal keeper had be an incredibly effect last line of defence. Over the years in the Premier League we’ve seen some absolutely fantastic keepers come and ply their trade, with the likes of David De Gea, Peter Schmeichel and Petr Cech just three of the legends who’ve played here over the years. With goalkeepers contribution to the match not as regular as that of an outfield player, they’re heavily judged on stats and in this day and age there’s plenty banded about.One of which that we’ve been looking at is the number of saved penalties.

One-on-ones are never easily to deal with for the best of goalkeepers but penalties are another matter. Some claim it’s luck and others claim it’s them doing their homework on the occasions that they do stop someone from 12 yards, but being a renowned penalty expert is something that all goalkeepers want.

We’ve taken a look at some of the stats and there’s some surprising names to feature in the all-time standings when it comes to saving penalties.We’ve given you six minutes to name as many of these goalkeepers as possible, with 25 answers to guess – it really isn’t easy! These statistics have only been recorded since the turn of the millennium so bare in mind there won’t be as many old school keepers as you’d imagine! Give it your best shot below and tweet your scores into us @FootyAccums to see how you compare against the rest of our followrs – we’ll RT the best attempts!

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