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QUIZ: England Goalscorers Away From Home

Can you name every player who's scored for England as the away side?

As England are set to play another crucial away game, it's worth considering some of the difficult fixtures they've had to play as the away side. Playing at Wembley Stadium has seen plenty of straightforward victories, but it's another task to be just as ruthless away from home. We've put every single goal they've scored away from home into a quiz, where you need to identify every player who was able to bag a goal for the Three Lions when they've acted as the away team. Not only are friendlies included but also any World Cup, European Championship, or qualifying games that happened between the year 2010 and now. This means that any away games where they were credited as the home team won't count but all of their fixtures away from home are included. There's a total of seventy-six answers, with some especially prolific names appearing more than once, so try your best, send the quiz to your mates on social media, and show us your best attempt on Twitter at @FootyAccums!