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QUIZ: Every League Cup Final Goalscorer Since 2010

Can you name every League Cup final goalscorer since 2010?

Although it might fall down the pecking order compared to the FA Cup and other even more prestigious football competitions, the League Cup has certainly shown a lot of drama as well as its fair share of memorable goals. Originally founded in 1960, it's not one of the oldest cups in English football but it's a worthwhile opportunity to take silverware throughout the season, and there's been plenty of goalscorers over the years.

In this quiz, we've included every goalscorer from the last eight years dating back to 2010, equating to thirty-one goals scored in the EFL Cup final. While some games were moderately quiet and others were full of action, you'll need to guess every single one correct to win. You've got eight minutes to identify every goalscorer, so have a go, share it with your mates, and send in your best attempts to us on twitter at @FootyAccums!