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First Goalscorers in Champions League Finals since 2000

Can you name every player to score first in a Champions League final since 2000?

Each Champions League Final sees a test between the season's two best teams, and every single edition is as memorable as the last. One of the most unsurprisingly important factors is the goals scored in the Champions League Final, and the first goal in each game will tend to dictate how the game goes, and usually who goes on to win the Champions League over the current season.

As the goals play such an important part of the European final, we've looked at goalscorers who were capable of getting on the scoresheet first since 2000, where each of these strikes have set the tone for the rest of each fixture. We recognised each Champions League Final before 2000 as being too hard to identify in terms of the first goalscorer, but every opening striker since 2000 presents a selection of notable names that we expect the more knowledgable football fans will be able to remember at a stretch.

Our quiz below includes every first goalscorer in the Champions League Final between now and the 2000 edition, with the only exception being from 2003, where it was a stalemate after extra-time. You're given five minutes to enter every answer correctly and a total of eighteen goalscorers to identify, so have a go, share it with your mates on social media, and send your best attempt to us on Twitter at @FootyAccums!