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QUIZ: Football Player and Manager Nicknames

Can you work out these football players and managers based on their most-notable nicknames?

Most memorable footballers past and present were gifted with a nickname - whether it was by fans, critics, or even themselves - but it's eventually become a way of remembering these iconic figures in a humorous light. Whether it's celebrity footballers like Cristiano Ronaldo or lesser known lower league footballers, they're likely to be given a nickname based on their name, physical likeness, or a characteristic which shines through on the football pitch.

While a lot of football fans would assume that nicknames have only arisen in recent times, there were plenty of key names with their own alias back in the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s. With such an extensive selection of football players and managers who became better known by a given nickname, we've built a quiz where you need to identify loads of different people in football based on these titles.

We've edged away from Brazilian nicknames like 'Hulk', as we expect it would be impossible to guess 'Givanildo Vieira de Souza', but every nickname based on the player's name, likeness, or any other attribute has been included. There's a total of forty players and managers to identify, and you're given eight minutes to find every single one before the time runs out. Send it to your mates on Twitter, show us your best attempt, and let us know how you got on at @FootyAccums!