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QUIZ: Footballers who've played for Liverpool and Manchester City

Can you identify every footballer to play for both Liverpool and Manchester City?

Current rivalries in the Premier League pit Liverpool and Manchester City against one another, with it now standing as one of the most exciting fixtures of the season. There were several meetings in the previous campaign due to them also locking horns in the Champions League, prompting nine goals scored by each side overall.

There was a time when there wasn't as much competition between the two, where players would happily transfer between each club due to the fact that they could agree on a shared hatred for Manchester United. Manchester City became neutral ground for former Liverpool players - and vice versa - but it's not something you'll see as often these days without it being a controversial decision.

Our latest quiz features fifteen footballers who've played for Liverpool and Manchester City, including memorable names from the past and the present. You've got four minutes to correctly name all fifteen players, so have a go, share the football quiz with your friends, and send your best effort to us on Twitter at @FootyAccums!