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QUIZ: Highest rated players for key FIFA 19 clubs

Can you identify the highest rated players from these FIFA 19 clubs?

Following the release of this year's edition of FIFA, football fans across the country are excited to get a copy and try to beat different players all throughout the world. Another focus for those who are looking to play FIFA 19 is the ratings for each individual player. It's hard to dispute the excitement which comes from playing the game itself, so we've looked at the highest rated player from key clubs in the game and put them all into a massive quiz made up of a total of sixty answers!

Some of the highest ratings are tied with another player, so either answer works, but even with the option to guess one of two correct answers, achieving all sixty answers correct is a big ask, even for the most experienced FIFA player. You're given ten minutes to identify every single player, so have a go, share it with your mates, and send your best attempt to us on Twitter at @FootyAccums.