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QUIZ: Premier League players signed from Roma and Lazio

Can you name every player to leave Roma and Lazio for the Premier League since 2000?

With another Rome derby on the horizon, we see two Serie A sides packed full of quality. This standard of players has been passed on to the Premier League over the last few seasons, with a lot of those former Roma and Lazio players going on to be influential during their time in England.

Through our quiz, you're pitted with the task of guessing every player to sign for a Premier League team from either Roma or Lazio. This only counts from the year 2000 onwards and any free transfers from either club aren't included. You're given six minutes to identify the sixteen former Roma players and the ten former Lazio players, so test your knowledge, share it with your mates, and send your best attempt to us on Twitter at @FootyAccums!