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The FootyAccums Friday Quiz: Week 12

Week 12

This week has been a tough one, hasn't it? No decent football on the telly, a taste of things to come over the next few summer months I suppose, bleak.

The play-offs are back this weekend, though, and there is yet ANOTHER bank holiday for us all to enjoy, so not all bad.

We imagine that by now you're all firmly in wind-down mode, doing everything in your power to avoid actually doing what you're supposed to do at work.

Let us help you piss off your boss by doing our weekly quiz. Usually, we'd test your knowledge on the week's events, but with nothing really to talk about, this week and over the next few months, this weekly feature will turn into a general (football) knowledge quiz. Excited? We can tell you are, loads.

Buckle up and enjoy the ride. As always, let us know how you fare by tweeting your scores into us @FootyAccums - good luck..