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The FootyAccums Friday Quiz: Week 2

Week 2

It's that time of the week again folks, where we test out your knowledge on events to have unfolded within the footballing world during the past week, whilst also chucking in some general knowledge trivia just to keep you firmly on your toes.

The weekend is now within touching distance, and the very fact that you're even reading this indicates that you've either completed all your work for the week and are beginning to unwind, or simply just can't be f*cked doing any more.

Whatever position you find yourselves in, rest assured that this brain teaser will be a welcome distraction from the usual bore of your office/site environment, for a couple of minutes at least.

Below you'll find 10 multiple choice questions, each with a selection of three answers and we're expecting you to all get at least 7/10 - anything below and you'll have ruined our weekends, no pressure. Give it a crack and let us know your scores on Twitter @FootyAccums, good luck!