Top Goal Scorers from around Europe

Can you name all the top goal scorers from across Europe

The footballs season has come to a close for another year and we have time to reflect before the beginning of the World Cup. All across Europe we’ve seen goals fly in. Manchester City are a prime example of the shear amount of goals scored this season. Manchester City broke the record for most goals scored in a single season. This is an impressive feat, managing to score a total of 104 goals in just 38 games. However, that doesn’t mean that had the individual top goal scorer, with goals coming from all over the pitch under Pep Guardiola, and Harry Kane claiming every goal under the sun.

There has been over 1000 goals in the Premier League this season alone and many more around Europe. With almost all the European League’s season’s now finished we’ve taken a look at the top scorers from the top division. These players could be old pros showing their class or possible future stars. If a players has a break through season in a minor League clubs have been known to take a gamble.

We want to see if you can name all the top goal scorers from across Europe’s top leagues and the English ones. It sounds easy but you’ll need to know your stuff with a couple obscure ones and 15 answers to guess. We’ve given you a pretty generous six minutes to name as many as possible. Once you’ve given it your best shot tweet us @FootyAccums and we’ll RT the best – good luck!