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Can you name which clubs play at these stadiums from around the world?

Can you name which club plays at each of these stadiums?

There's plenty of things that make watching football so spectacular and enjoyable. The players, the atmosphere, the quality all make it some experience but something that is so impressive are the stadiums. In England we have some incredible new arenas like Wembley Stadium, the Emirates and Tottenham Hotspur's soon to be new home which looks pretty spectacular. But alongside that we also have grounds steeped in history like Old Trafford and Anfield which are equally impressive.

Around the world there's some immense stadiums and we've put together a quiz to test your knowledge on them. It's a little different to our usual quizzes in which we GIVE you the answer, but it's not as easy as it sounds as it's also alongside two other potential answers. Each question will have 3 multiple choice answers and we've given you a rather generous 7 minute time limit to correctly guess as many as possible. Give it your best shot below and tweet your effort into us @FootyAccums to see how you compare with the rest of our followers!