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The Fight Back #SayNoToEuropeanSuperLeague

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Our Fight Back

Last night, we projected our message to the 'Big Six'. We made our voice loud and clear. We hope you do the same.

We're not going to preach to you how football is everything and why the historic values of this sport must carry us through every 90 minutes and why this league can't go ahead, because you know this already. Instead, how much you have your voice heard is the important factor here. It's about what football means to you, your neighbour, your family of all generations, and your area.

We believe we can stop this if we stick together. Those surveys you think don't matter, matter. Boycotting future home games and not buying merchandise will top up. Banners around stadiums will be our art for future generations. Your voice might be quiet alone, but in the force of billions (not millions, billions), we can work collectively to stop this.

Whether you're a Manc standing in the Kop, wearing 'CR7' in the centre of Barcelona, or an American screaming "soccer" at the top of your lungs, it doesn't matter. We are one. We are football. The beautiful irony here is, what has separated us, will bring us together, and that is the real truth about football and society which now shines brighter than any dime the ESL throws at us.

Do not rest. Keep pushing. This is not over just yet.

Super League

Who is on our side?

Everyone, it seems. Although there is a supposed 8% of our followers who agree with this European Super League, these people remain hidden and extremely discrete with their beliefs.

The football community is coming together in a poetic fashion, and history will tell this tale. No matter what happens tomorrow or next season, football united like we were all colour blind. Like it was the formation of the FA in 1863. Like the working class did when each club was formed before World War 1. Like football was always meant to do.

Your voice matters. Your team matters. Their team matters. Their voice matters. This is football. This goes beyond 90 minutes.

Yesterday, Monday, April 20th we put out our survey to see how many of you are against this European Super League, and by no surprise, the feedback was damning.

An extraordinary 92% of our followers don't want this to go ahead, and we know this echoes around the world too and not just within our Footy Accums community.

Grimsby Town's Shirt Amnesty

League Two outfit, Grimsby Town, have announced their fightback against the European Super League with their shirt amnesty.

Grimsby have stated that all owners of a Premier League shirt from the clubs joining the Super League should donate to their shirt amnesty where the shirts will be donated to local youth groups and humanitarian projects in Africa. Here's how to donate and all the details -