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Top 5 Adidas 2022 World Cup Kits


Top 5 Adidas 2022 World Cup Kits

With the 2022 Qatar World Cup edging closer and closer, Adidas finally dropped their new home and away kits for Spain, Germany, Argentina, Mexico and Japan.

Here’s our top five kits we can’t wait to see under the lights in Qatar.

1. Japan's Home Kit

Japan’s home kit for the 2022 World Cup is the country’s traditional blue and white. The majority blue kit also has a geometric pattern, inspired by one of Japan’s biggest exports, anime.

The big white Japan crest is especially striking against the blue, showcasing the impressive symbol of Japanese football.

Other aspects of the shirt include a red trim in tribute to the colours of Japan’s flag as well as a nod to origami. The geometric pattern is not only inspired by anime, but also origami, an art form originating from Japan.

The Japan home kit is ranked best of the Adidas World Cup kits due to its classic vibes as well as its overall wearability, this one definitely has the chance of becoming a streetwear must-have.

2. Mexico's Away Kit

Mexico’s away strip for the 2022 World Cup is set to be a classic for years to come.

The pale yellow shirt has many different nods to Mexican culture, the deep red detailing on the shirt showcases Miztec art, a staple in Mexico.

A smaller detail that some may miss is the reference to Quetzalcoatl on the inside of the collar. The Quetzalcoatl is a big figure in Mexican culture, the God of winds and rain and the creator of the world and humanity.

Other notable attributes associated with Quetzalcoatl is renewal and regeneration, something the Mexican team will hope will follow them to Qatar as they look to start another era in Mexican football.

The Mexico away kit could’ve easily taken the number one spot, with a design that not only uses its details to represent Mexican culture at the same time as being more than aesthetically pleasing.

3. Argentina's Away Kit

Argentina’s home kit is a more simple reincarnation of the iconic blue and white stripes, but the away strip is a breath of fresh air.

The kit is a mixture of three different shades of purple, combining to create a flame motif at the bottom of the shirt, potentially representing an Argentina team who could set the tournament alight.

Overall, the sharp contrast between the blue and white of the home kit and the purple of the away kit elevates both. The somewhat rare kit colour also boosts the kit and will make it one for the collection.

4. Germany's Home Kit

Germany are a side who have a reputation for great kits, no matter the tournament, and the 2022 World Cup is no different.

This year’s effort by Adidas is a majority white kit with a large black stripe down the middle. However, the inclusion of the black strip allows the gold Adidas logo and Germany crest to stand out even more.

The colours of the German flag are also represented, though in a more subtle manner. The German flag acts as a trim down the sides of the shirt, as well as around the collar.

A strong kit for sure, but weighed against the classics of the past, time will tell whether the 2022 edition will prove to be timeless.

5. Spain's Away Kit

In contrast to the classic red of the Spanish home kit, Adidas have chosen a light blue for the away strip.

The sharp difference between the bright red of the Spanish crest and the blue, makes the crest even more dramatic, especially with it lying in the middle of the chest rather than the traditional left-hand side placement.

Along with this, the traditional three stripes of Adidas, also divert expectations with two red stripes and one yellow one, making up the Spanish flag on the shoulders.

Overall, not the flashiest kit from the new collection, the interesting pattern does give it an edge over some past away strips La Roja have worn.