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World Cup Kits Designed by AI

AI Football Kits

World Cup Kits Designed by AI

Excitement is starting to build for World Cup 2022 at the end of the year. Domestic leagues are well underway and we’re getting glimpses of form from some of the world’s best players at club level as they look to get into prime condition ahead of a trip to Qatar in December.

A World Cup brings with it new kits for the national teams and fans have already had a chance to look at the offerings from Adidas and Puma, and the reactions have been mixed to say the least.

Over the last few years especially, fans have become tired of the ‘template’ nature of football kits from the major brands. With the likes of Adidas, Nike, Puma and more having to produce hundreds of kits for different teams around the world, it’s no surprise that sometimes corners get cut - but what if the national kits were true originals? What if the kits were designed by machines rather than budgets and time constraints?

Using AI (artificial intelligence) technology, we’ve discovered what a machine thinks every World Cup kit should look like based on what it knows about the team and the country, and some of them are better than the real thing!

Group A: Qatar, Ecuador, Senegal & Netherlands

Rise@7 PR Campaign Group A

Group B: England, USA, Wales & Iran

Rise@7 PR Campaign Group B

Group C: Argentina, Mexico, Poland & Saudi Arabia

Rise@7 PR Campaign Group C

Group D: France, Denmark, Tunisia & Australia

Rise@7 PR Campaign Group D

Group E: Spain, Germany, Japan & Costa Rica

Rise@7 PR Campaign Group E

Group F: Belgium, Canada, Croatia & Morocco

Rise@7 PR Campaign - Group F

Group G: Brazil, Cameroon, Serbia & Switzerland

Rise@7 PR Campaign - Group G

Group H: Uruguay, Portugal, Ghana & South Korea

Rise@7 PR Campaign - Group H


Using the AI image generator MidJourney we set parameters of the national team name, the countries associated, and the term “FIFA World Cup 2022” followed by the same prompts for every team to encourage the AI to develop football kits, including terms such as “shirt concept design” and “soccer jersey design”. The result is completely automated by AI.