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World Cup Managers Report

2022 World Cup Managers Report

After 12 years of intense preparations, it’s nearly time for the 2022 FIFA World Cup. Whilst the majority of the spotlight during the lead up to the tournament is focused on who makes the World Cup squads, we wanted to take a closer look at the past and present of the 32 managers who are hoping to lead their side to glory.

In our analysis of the 2022 World Cup managers, here is what we found:

The National Managers with the Highest Earnings

You may be able to easily recall your favourite Premier League player’s weekly salary, but could you name the highest paid manager in this year’s World Cup? Well, we crunched the numbers so you don’t have to. Here are the 5 highest paid managers in this year’s World Cup:

The National Managers with the Lowest Earnings

Despite each manager sharing the same job description, the salary disparity is quite vast.Here are the 5 lowest paid managers in this year’s World Cup:

Hansi Flick makes 192% more than Jalel Kadri

Top earner Hansi Flick makes +4,891% (£5,478,000) more than Jalel Kadri. Kadri makes a staggering -58% less (a difference of $155,000) than even the second-lowest-paid manager, Aliou Cissé. However, Kadri has the shortest tenure as manager at just 0.71 years, could this reflect his lower pay?

What is the Secret to World Cup Success?

Since the inception of the World Cup in 1930, Brazil has been the most successful team acquiring a total of five wins in the global tournament. We decided to investigate if there is a link between success at the World Cup and a manager’s nationality.

Here’s what we found:

No World Cup winner has been managed by someone from a different country

From our analysis, we discovered that there has been no World Cup winner from a country they aren’t a national of.

There are a number of reasons why World Cup teams led by a manager of the same nationality are more likely to do better. For example, they can find it easier to connect with players, speak the language fluently and have shared cultural interests, holidays, and traditions. Managers who lead their own country may also feel a deeper sense of commitment and passion.

A great example of when a foreign manager fails to get it right is Fabio Capello’s management of the England team from 2008 to 2012. Despite Capello bringing years of experience as an elite player and established manager to the table, his England squad struggled to blend together - something that a local nationality manager might have been better equipped to handle..

The Oldest 2022 World Cup Manager

With age comes experience, right? Thanks to the current age difference of 27 years between the oldest and youngest national manager in the 2022 World Cup, we’ll see if that statement rings true when November rolls around…

Here are the 5 oldest managers in this year’s World Cup:

The Youngest 2022 World Cup Manager

Here are the 5 youngest managers in this year’s World Cup:

The average age of a 2022 World Cup manager is 54

Despite five managers being 47, the average age of this year’s roster of World Cup managers is a little higher at 54. Still significantly younger than 71-year-old Louis van Gaal…

World Cup Managers & Win Percentages

Diego Alonso has the highest win % out of all the World Cup managers with a win % of 77.78%.

Ghana's manager, Otto Addo has the lowest win %, with a win % of 37.50%.