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Bet365 Cash Out Feature

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What is the bet365 cash out feature?

Bet365 is one of the best bookmakers around for the cash out feature, with the bookmaker offering cash outs on a lot more markets than their competitors.

The cash out feature allows customers more control than ever, giving them a chance to secure a return before the event has ended. When the cash out feature is available, you can either cash out the bet in full or cash out a part of it, leaving the remainder of your stake to run.

What markets can I use the Cash out feature on?

The cash out is available on different events, both before and during. It can be used on both single and multiple bets for different sports, which include Football, Tennis, Cricket and Horse Racing.

Option to cashout on 365
Example of the option to Cash Out (Odds on bet365 may be different)

The above bet slip shows a punter that has backed a treble where the first two selections have come in and they are waiting on the final selection to complete. If they are no longer comfortable risking the money they have already accumulated they can cash out the bet to get the offered payout.

How can I get get started with the Bet365 cash out?

All of Bet365’s cash out features are available for both new and existing customers, so the only requirement is that you have a Bet365 account.

If you’re not yet a Bet365 customer, we suggest you check out our new customer sign up offer page to ensure you get the best new customer offer that is available.

We’ve also got a Bet365 review on site which will tell you all you need to know about them.

What is a Bet365 partial cash out?

The partial cash out is a feature that is only available on Bet365.

What partial cash out does is allow a customer to cash out a part of their bet and leave a certain amount of their stake to run.

In order to partially Cash Out your bet, use the Cash Out slider by clicking on the small cog icon to the right of the cash out button and then simply click ‘partial Cash Out’.

This will then allow you to choose the amount of money you’d like to cash out from the offer available and that amount will show as settled and the remainder of your stake will then be settled according to the final result on the given event.

cash out betslip
Example of Partial Cashout

Bet365 Automatic Cash out

Bet365 also offers the automatic cash out, again something not offered by other bookmakers.

The automatic cash out allows customers to see set a cash out total, and when the cash out reaches the total selected, the bet will automatically be cashed out.

This feature can be handy for customers who may put a bet on but will not have access to the bet during the event and can set a cash out that they have chosen to select manually.

To automatically select a cash out, click on the icon to the right of the cash out button and enter the amount you would like the automatic cash out at in the ‘if the value reaches’ section and then select ‘create rule.’

The auto cash out can also be linked to the partial cash out.

For single and accumulator bets, customers can select automatic cash out for just a part of the bet. It allows them to select a certain amount of the cash value to be settled and then leave the remainder of the stake to be settled with the result of the event.

Cash out auto
Example of the auto cash out feature (Odds on bet365 may be different)

Ways to Cash Out with Bet365

Once you log into Bet365, simply click the ‘My Bets’ icon which can be found on the top row, it will then be highlighted and also show the number of open bets you have.

This will then bring up a section of tabs that allows you to sort your bets.

The cash out tab allows you to see all bets that can be cashed out, the customer below has some bets available for cash out but does have five open bets.

You can also filter bets that are live, unsettled or simply clicking all can access all your bets, regardless of the cash out.

My bets example
My Bets Example (Current odds may vary from those pictured)

Bet365 Cash Out Feature FAQs

Bet365 Cash Out Terms and Conditions

Like with other promotions, Bet365 does have certain terms and conditions you must adhere to when cashing out. The main ones can be found below:

  • Cash outs have a time delay in place when requested. If a price changes or a market is suspended, then the Cash Out might not go through.
  • The maximum number of times a bet can be partially Cashed Out is 10 times for single bets and five times for eligible multiples.
  • The minimum partial Cash Out amount must be greater than or equal to 10 times the minimum unit stake for the applicable bet type.
  • Fully Cashed Out bets do not count towards the release of your Bet Credits. Where a stake has been partially Cashed Out, only the remaining active stake will count towards the release of your Bet Credits.
  • Cash out is not always available. If Bet365 do not cover the event in play, the cash out will be suspended once the event commences.

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