Maddison, Chilwell & Morgan play brilliant prank on Demarai Gray!

Leicester Players

Demarai Gray is fuming!

For years now we've known that the team spirit amongst the Leicester City players is amongst the best in the Premier League. The Foxes stunned the nation to lift the title back in 2015/16 and the club as a whole has proven since that they are an extremely closely knit bunch & today a video surfaced online from new Foxes man James Maddison which certainly backs this up!

The video includes himself along with Ben Chilwell and skipper Wes Morgan playing a prank on teammate Demarai Gray during an away day earlier this season. Being stuck in hotels can be boring for the players so they need to come up with ways to keep themselves occupied - unfortunately for Gray that resulted in him being the target!

The three players in question slowly approach Gray's room where they fill up a barrel with water, gently placing it against his door. Maddison as the main protagonist knocks on the door before the three players flee the scene, leaving Gray to open the door, getting soaked and find no one outside waiting for him!

AND as if that wasn't enough, the England U21 accidentally locks himself out the room whilst all of this is happening - he is absolutely fuming and he even say it himself! This is a video you've just gotta see.

Watch it below and we've also included Maddison's reactions to it - class! (Courtesy of @Madders10)