Premier League chief Richard Scudamore to receive £5m bonus paid by the clubs!

The working mans game has gone

A story broke earlier this week surrounding the future of Premier League chief Richard Scudamore. The 59 year-old has been the face of the Premier League since its inception back in 1992 and he's played a major role in it becoming the worlds leading division. The top flight rakes in more money and viewers than any other domestic league in world football and a lot of it is owed to the influence of him - with the TV rights alone going from £670m to just over £5bn. Well it's now been announced that he's going to be stepping down from his extremely lucrative role as Executive Chairman where he reportedly takes home around £2.5m a year.

But his resignation isn't the beginning and end of this story - as Chelsea chairman Bruce Buck launched an unusual request in attempt to get him a bonus upon his departure. Buck requested that EVERY Premier League club should award the 59 year-old with £250k each - meaning that he'd receive an absolutely massive £5m, surely they wouldn't agree to this right? Wrong. This lunchtime several journalists are reporting that the clubs have in fact AGREED to shell out the money and it's pretty safe to say that this hasn't gone down well at all.

Premier League clubs seem to have an endless amount of money but it should be spent re-investing in grassroots football, looking after their staff, improving the facilities and local area - not lining the pockets of people who are already taking home £2.5m a year! The disgust amongst fans on social media seems to follow a common theme, with supporters all in agreement that the payout couldn't gone to grassroots football. Football was once seen as the working mans game and it now looks a million miles away from that. The Premier League continues to distance itself away from the fans, the Football League and non-league and this has news has outraged A LOT of people - we've rounded up some of the reactions from social media below.

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