Robbie Fowler says Mohamed Salah is criticised due to his nationality

Robbie Fowler says Mohamed Salah is criticised due to his nationality

Mohamed Salah has been a man under the microscope in recent times, particularly when it comes to his antics in the box.

Salah has been accused of diving on more than one occasion this season, having won a number of questionable penalties that could certainly be considered soft by many.

However, Liverpool legend Robbie Fowler has leapt to his defence in a recent column with the Mirror, saying there is an underlying agenda against the 26-year-old and the reason he receives such widespread criticism.

Fowler says the fact Salah is an overseas player is used against him when it comes to scrutinising him and believes the criticism he gets is far worse than it would be if he were an English player.

"I was never one for diving — if I had a chance to get a shot off, I’d always take it," Fowler said.

"Yet, I’ve been shaking my head in disbelief at the criticism aimed at Mohamed Salah in recent weeks for what people have been particularly eager to call cheating."It’s been sustained and hostile, and I’m wondering why.

Harry Kane
Harry Kane doesn't get the same level of criticism as Salah for going down in the box

"Why it’s been much worse than that aimed at Harry Kane this season, for instance, or in the past say Michael Owen or David Beckham (and I’m not singling them out!).

"We have to be very careful as football fans. We need to stop and think about whether Salah is being targeted for where he comes from and who he is.

"It seems like stereotyping, and­ possibly because he’s an overseas player."If that is the case, it’s totally unacceptable."

The Harry Kane argument is an appropriate one to bring up, with the Spurs forward appearing to receive far less national coverage for his potential play-acting incidents than Salah.

However, another English player, Raheem Sterling, does not seem to receive the same leeway as the England captain following sudh incidents. Sterling, who was born in Kingston, Jamaica, perhaps gives a level of credence to Fowler’s argument - although the black and white of it is if Salah wants to stay out of the headlines, then he should stay on his feet where possible.