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Should Pochettino leave for Manchester United at the end of the season?

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Should Pochettino leave for Manchester United at the end of the season?

Should Pochettino leave for Manchester United at the end of the season?

Tottenham Hotspur boss Mauricio Pochettino remains favourite to take over at Manchester United ahead of next season.

The Red Devils have thrived under caretaker boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer so far, but the Norwegian is yet to face a solid test, and the club appear to be dead set on bringing in a high-profile name ahead of next season.

Top of that list of high-profile names is Spurs boss Mauricio Pochettino, who despite failing to win a trophy in his career so far, is one of the most sought-after managers in world football.

That’s because he has worked wonders to turn around a Tottenham side who seldom got a look in at the top four before the Argentine’s arrival in North London.

Pochettino’s attractive brand of football and his calm persona have seen him rise to the list of many clubs and Manchester United aren’t alone in pursuing his signature ahead of next season.

It’s not just United

It’s also well-known that Pochettino is top of Real Madrid’s list for the summer with the Spanish giants also having a temporary boss in charge until the end of the season.

So, it could be a battle between to of world football’s super clubs to land the 46-year-old, who does have a strong connection to Spain having played for and managed Espanyol.

With that in mind, and given the resources he would have available, Real Madrid could be his first choice, but you have to keep in mind that this is a manager who likes stability.

Stability is, perhaps, one of the last words in the dictionary – next to failure – that you would associate with Real Madrid.

Manchester United aren’t an awful lot better, but they would likely put a longer term plan in place with Pochettino, and that could turn his head.

Though, he has made it clear that he is happy at Tottenham and regardless of how much United and Real pursue him this summer, you shouldn’t be disregarding a possible stay in North London.

Gareth Bale Real Madrid

Would Poch be gaining by leaving Tottenham?

An exciting future beckons for Tottenham, they are moving into a new stadium, at long await, and they still have some of the best players in the world with Harry Kane, Christian Eriksen and Hugo Lloris.

This is a team that has outperformed both Manchester United and Real Madrid this season.

Sure, the budgets of the two other clubs would allow Pochettino to excel beyond Tottenham’s peak should he succeed elsewhere.

But there’s something special about building a project and finishing it, and that’s something that appeals to a humble Pochettino.

However, he will almost certainly have a decision to make come this summer when he is likely to receive offers from two clubs.

Mauricio Pochettino Tottenham Hotspur Spurs

Which club should Pochettino decide on?

He should stay put.

Pochettino is destined for big things as a manager and make no mistake, his time will come.

This isn’t the last year he will receive an offer from Real Madrid, and it’s not the last time he will get offers from Manchester United, or a similar club.

This is the wrong time to join Real Madrid. All is going wrong, the fans are extremely unhappy and he shouldn’t set himself up to fail by taking on the responsibility of repairing a whole changing room.

Manchester United have enjoyed being cheered up in recent weeks, but make no mistake, that’s a club that needs fixing.

He may be given funds to sign players, but at what cost? This a club that has done disastrous business in recent years. They had one of the strongest-minded managers in the world in Jose Mourinho, and he still wasn’t afforded the final say on transfers.

Whoever is making the calls, is making the wrong ones and after spending millions upon millions, they’ve still ended up with a squad with far too many gaps.

Pochettino Sarri

Pochettino will know that decisions will be made for him at Manchester United, and while that happens all over the world, it’s much worse when you know the club has a recent history of making the wrong ones.

Go to Manchester United when they have restructured this poor system that they currently have in place. Go when they’ve had a little more success and need taking to the next level.

Don’t go now when the club are desperate, loitering on the edge of discontent following a hugely frustrating spell with Mourinho, Moyes and Van Gaal.

For now, Pochettino is better off staying at Tottenham with an ever-improving squad, where his stock continues to rise, with a new stadium and fans who adore him.Stay put, continue this terrific work with Spurs and make no mistake, Pochettino, your time at the very top of the world will come.