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WATCH: Dog makes save during Argentinian league game!

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Stray Given to the rescue

Yes, this really did happen. During a recent Argentinian league game, a dog came onto the pitch to make a save.

In the end, it actually proved to be pretty inconsequential. Juventud Unida were facing Defensores de Belgrano and already had a 3-0 lead when the incredible incident occurred, sparing the Belgrano keeper’s blushes in the process.

The keeper went to kick the ball forward from his hands, only to see his efforts blocked by a Juventud player in the process. It resulted in the player hitting a shot towards the empty net, with it seeming inevitable that they would go 4-0 up before the pooch intervened.

Seemingly from nowhere, a dog ran onto the pitch and cleared the ball away before scampering off the field in double-quick time. His quick reactions didn’t help his team from losing the game though, as Juventud held on for a comfortable victory.

Watch below to see the incredible moment that Belgrano were assisted by their 12th man.