WATCH: Hilarious Olympiacos own-goal hands easy victory to PAOK

Watch as Olympiacos defender Jagos Vukovic unfortunately finishes into his own net

One of the most embarrassing scenarios in football is being responsible for an own-goal. This isn't something that happens all too often but when it occurs, it will tend to be at a time where you really needed to keep an advantage over the team you were playing. We saw another howler at the weekend, where Olympiacos defender Jagos Vukovic placed the ball into an open net after the goalkeeper failed to get a strong hold of the ball.

Although the ball should have been caught by the Olympiacos 'keeper, it's hard to not crack a smile at Vukovic's relaxed passing of the ball into the open net, where it looks like his actions only manage to hit home after it's given as a 1-0 lead to PAOK. To make matters worse, the game resulted as a 1-0 win to PAOK, meaning that the own-goal was the deciding factor.

See Jagos Vukovic's own goal in full below:

(Video Courtesy of @Fotball40781959)