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WATCH: Manager sent off for tripping up opposition forward!

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(Courtesy of @ESPNUK)

One way of stopping a counter attack...

We see lots of bizarre things happen in the world of football but this weekend we can safely say that we were shocked. Second tier Romanian football doesn't often make the headlines but the manager of Arges Pitesti, Emil Sandoi, has grabbed many of them after his antics on the touchline. We're all desperate for our team to win and we will often go to extreme lengths in order to secure it, but Sandoi took matters into his own hands with a moment of madness which had the opposition fuming - but had his own players and supporters delighted.

When the opposition were breaking at pace after winning back possession, Sandoi cheekily edged over to the touchline and left out a trailing foot, taking out the winger in the process. It was blatant foul and very funny, along with how he held his hands up afterwards claiming he was innocent. He was swiftly sent to the stands but by stopping the counter attack he will feel he definitely made the right decisison - imagine seeing that in the Premier League?!

Watch the footage of what unfolded below: (Video courtesy of @ESPNUK)