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WATCH: Medical cart runs over injured players foot!

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One of the most bizarre things you'll see today

We've seen some crazy things in football over the years but not many can really compete with this. Yesterday Brazilian duo Trindade Go and Flamengo faced off in a friendly as the two clubs stepped up their pre-season preparations ahead of the new Serie A & Copa Libertadores campaigns. Flamengo went into it as big favourites to win and they made a slow start, going down 1-0 early on and thats when the drama started.

One Trindade Go player went down with an injury after 20 minutes and with him in visible pain, the medical cart was sent on to give him some much needed treatment. But whilst he was rolling around on the ground the cart gave him a bit of a rude awakening - by running over his foot! That shot the player right up into life and also brought a few laughs from the medical staff around him - although we're not too sure that he saw the funny side to it!

Afterwards he got up and back into the cart where it took him off the pitch - but he eventually made it back onto the pitch later on to play on somehow!