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WATCH: Referee accidentally scores penalty in Russian Sunday League game

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Russian Sunday League takes a strange turn as referee scores a penalty

Anyone who plays in a Sunday league team will know how crazy it can be, and how much it contrasts to top-level football. One thing they might not consider is the frustration and confusion which would come from the referee scoring a goal for the opposition. This happened in Russia, where a penalty for one side was significantly enhanced when the ball was impressively saved by the goalkeeper, only to bounce off the head of the onlooking referee, and slowly dip into the open goal.

It would be hard to predict that something as unlikely as this would happen but something that was even more surprising was that the referee allowed the goal. You'd think that his interference would make the goal void but either we misunderstand the rules, or the referee wanted to be rightfully credited for the goal he scored.

Watch the full clip below:

(Video Courtesy of @DanielStrandby)