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partypoker Community Poker Knockout 3

3rd iteration of the partypoker community KO tournament

We’re delighted to be supporting the monthly partypoker Community Knockout which runs on Thursday July 29th at 7pm with a $20,000 guarantee!

The $5.50 buy-in event will bring several partypoker communities together with plenty of added extra value prizes for our players.


partypoker Community Knockout

  • Guarantee: $20,000
  • Date: Thursday 9th September
  • Time: 7pm
  • Buy-In: $5.50
  • Format: Progressive KO


FootyAccums are giving our players the EXCLUSIVE chance to win up to £500 ON TOP of their prize money in the Community Knockout with our Golden Chip Challenge. If a player buys into the partypoker Community Knockout with a Footy Accums Golden Chip ticket and wins the tournament they’ll win £500 CASH OR £100 CASH for reaching the Final Table!

The only ways to win a Footy Accums Golden Chip are:

  • Place in the Top 20 of an FA Golden Chip Challenge Tournament
  • Win the High Hand or Twitter Last Longer in a Golden Chip Challenge Tournament
  • Social Media giveaways

Our Golden Chip Challenge Tournaments run on Sunday September 5th & Thursday September 25th at 7pm. Each one will have £1,500 guaranteed well as the added Golden Chip tickets - amazing value for a £5.50 buy-in.

PLUS there is a chance to qualify for FREE in our partner Freerolls. Be sure to check out Oddschanger and TWEnclosure on Twitter for more details. These FREE to enter tournaments have 20 x £5.50 tickets to our Golden Chip Challenge tournaments guaranteed. The password will be released on the appropriate social media channel.


We’re lining up an exciting bounty player to represent FootyAccums. If an FA follower KO’s our guest bounty they could win a tech bundle worth around £500 which includes: Parrott AR 2.0 Drone, FitBit Luxe, Phillips AirFryer, RING Doorbell & an Amazon Echo Dot.

Below is a list of who’s playing and the prizes on offer:

  • FootyAccums: TBC - £500 Tech Bundle
  • Oddschanger: (OddsChanger1) – £20 partypoker Free Bet & £100 CASH
  • The Winners Enclosure (TWEnclosure1) - Race Meet Tickets & £100 CASH
  • Standard FootyAccums, OddsChanger, The Winners Enclosure & partypoker terms apply.
  • These promotions are open to FootyAccums, The Winner’s Enclosure & Oddschanger followers and players.
  • These promotions run from Thursday July 15th 2021 until Thursday July 29th 2021.

Footy Accums Golden Chip Promotion

  • This promotion is open to all players who compete in Footy Accums Golden Chip Challenge tournaments on partypoker.
  • FootyAccums Golden Chip tickets are for the $5.50 buy-in partypoker Community Knockout on Thursday September 9th 2021.
  • FootyAccums Golden Chip tickets can be won by placing in the Top 20 of a Golden Chip Challenge Tournament, winning the specified High Hand or Last Longer, or by eliminating TWEncloure, FootyAccums or Oddschanger.
  • Golden Chip tickets may also be won via specific social media promotions.
  • Golden Chip tickets will be issued manually up to 24 hours before the start of the partypoker Community Knockout.
  • If a player reaches the Final Table (8) of the partypoker Community Knockout after buying in with a Footy Accums Golden Chip ticket they will win £100 cash.
  • If a player wins the partypoker Community Knockout (outright with no deals) they will win £500 cash.
  • A player can win a maximum of three FootyAccums Golden Chip tickets – any subsequent tickets will be issued to the next best place finishers.
  • To win the added value Final Table (£100) or Winner (£500) cash prizes the player must have bought into the partypoker Community Knockout with a Footy Accums Golden Chip ticket.
  • Player’s must use their Golden Chip tickets as their first entries to be eligible for the added value prizes.
  • If a player enters first with cash, tournament dollars or another ticket they will void themselves from this promotion and not be eligible for the added value prizes.
  • If a player Re-Enters the tournament with cash, tournament dollars or another ticket they will not be eligible for the added value prizes.
  • All Golden Chip tickets must be used for the partypoker Community KO, unused tickets will expire, are non-transferable and have no cash value.

Added Value Bounty Prizes Promotion

  • This promotion is open to all FootyAccums, Oddschanger, The Winner’s Enclosure & FootyAccumsPkr followers who compete in the partypoker Communtiy Knockout on Wednesday June 9th June 2021.
  • To be able to claim a bounty prize the player must eliminate the bounty representing the associated brand and be a follower of one of the named brands BEFORE the start of the partypoker Community Knockout tournament.

Associate brands, bounties and players are:

FootyAccums – TBC – Tech Bundle*

OddsChanger – OddsChanger1 – £20 partypoker Free bet + £100 CASH

The Winners Enclosure – TWEnclosure1 – Selected race meet tickets + £100 CASH

*Tech Bundle includes: Parrott 2.0 AR Drone, Philips AirFryer, RING Doorbell, FitBit Luxe, Amazon Echo Dot

**Winner can choose race meet tickets for any UK racecourse up to the value of £100.

  • Winner’s must claim via direct message on Twitter that they have eliminated a bounty player.
  • Winners will have up to 48 hours after the tournament completion to make their claim.
  • Management reserve the right to amend or cancel these promotions at any time.
  • All prize claims will be verified and checked with partypoker.
  • All prizes are subject to local supplier availability and may be substituted if required.
  • Any player deemed to be acting against the good nature of these promotions may have their prizes withheld.
  • Management decision is final.
  • Errors and Omissions Excepted.