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Andrea Pirlo sues lookalike who fooled shopkeepers into giving out free designer clothes

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Andrea Pirlo has sued a man who pretended to be the former midfielder for two years so that he could exploit kind-hearted shopkeepers in Turin, Brescia and Naples.

Alessandro Palazzolo, from Valenza, Italy, was recognised by police in Turin and is now being sued for fraud by the ex-footballer's legal team.

It is understood that Pirlo filed a lawsuit after he was inundated with unpaid debts that he did not incur from local shopkeepers, who had distributed free designer clothes to the conman thinking he was the former Italy international.

Gazzetto della Sport report that Palazzolo deceived a number of shopkeepers by asking for discounts on gifts and free clothes.

The lookalike also took designer clothing and said he would return at a later date to pay for them, but never did.

Working alongside an accomplice, his 42-year-old girlfriend from Pavia, the man also attempted to obtain 'facilitated medical examinations' by contacting Pirlo's personal doctor.

Pazzolo himself never actually showed up to the shops himself, it was all carried out by his girlfriend who said she would be sure to "thank Pirlo" for the goods, but ultimately never pay for them.

The first episodes date back to two years ago in Turin; the lookalike had tried to buy a precious watch, and then attempted doing the same in both Brescia and Naples.

In one particular case, in Brescia, the coup was worth €5,000 in clothes and valuables.

Understandably for Pirlo himself, the whole debacle was a hugely unpleasant and frustrating one, constantly being hounded for debts that he did not owe by disgruntled business owners.

The conman even showed up to a gala ball and introduced himself to everyone as the football star's brother so that he would gain advantages and contacts.

Police in Turin finally managed to apprehend the criminal and his helper by tracing phone calls and gaining testimonials from traders.