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Does the Glazers' Super Bowl Prize Money Mean Anything for Manchester United?

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The Glazers win in America, but does this add up in Manchester?

"Now to our great fans: We did it at home. My father had an expression, if you want to know the road ahead, ask the person that's been there.

"We found that person. 10 Super Bowl appearances, seven victories... Tom Brady," Manchester United and Tampa Bay Buccaneers owner Joel Glazer said in the celebrations after winning the Super Bowl, which was a seriously bitter pill to swallow for United fans.

That signing of the greatest of all time in Florida by the owners of United might not have rung alarm bells initially for the Old Trafford faithful, but after seeing this one man fire the Buccaneers to the pinnacle within a year, it now tastes very sour for the Red Devils fans who have witnessed what could be.

Brady could have been that Jadon Sancho or that Erlind Haaland, and ultimately, the man who could have prevented United from sitting five points behind the league leaders, as they currently do. The signing of the now seven-time Super Bowl winner is evident to exactly what can be done at Old Trafford, but will we ever see it? Will we now see the Glazers use this strategy in Manchester? Let's take a look.

How much did the Glazers make after winning the Super Bowl?

It's quite a telling story that within the same weekend United find themselves dropping two points in the dying embers against Everton from errors that could've been patched up with more transfer action, whilst the United owners win the Super Bowl simply because of one major transfer. It is, in truth, the Glazer ownership in a nutshell and the clearest sign there is on how foreign owners just seem to cash in on English football, rather than progress it.

Prior to joining the Buccaneers, Brady spent two decades at the New England Patriots and he was the difference in winning them six Super Bowls and turning them into a near $3bn franchise; a similar figure to United's worth. In fact, as the seasons go on, the Manchester-based sports club constantly sit above the Glazers' Tampa outfit with their own worth of just short of $4bn, according to Forbes, so surely this means the pockets of the Glazers are now more focused on United to give them a further windfall.

Far from it. Brady's contract under the Glazers is believed to be worth a stunning $50m over a two-year contract, which in football, could afford you a handful of Paul Pogba annual salaries, not just one. Brady was signed as a free agent, however, which meant the United owners didn't have to fork out £120m like they would have had to with Sancho last summer.

In terms of how much the Glazers made after lifting Super Bowl 55 is not entirely known. According to the NFL’s Collective Bargaining Agreement, each member of the winning team will make $150,000 each, but this is for the players. However, it's what could happen afterwards that gives the Glazer family the windfall they aimed for when they signed Brady.

The endless sponsorships, the unknown prize money mentioned above and all the other aspects that come with winning the biggest game in American sports will equal a serious amount of cash for the franchise and ultimately, for the Glazers. And, all this could do is just increase their worth in America and distract them even further from the issues in Manchester.

Will this inspire the Glazers to put the Brady affect into United?

Simply put, likely not. Being American owners and focused more so on the NFL than the Premier League, it's been clear for some time where the money of the Glazer family is focused. This was also evident in signing Brady himself, as this just so happened to come a few months before United could have officially signed Sancho from Borussia Dortmund but chose not to.

In fact, the $50m Brady will earn from his contract in two years with the Bucs is likely to be enough in itself for the Glazers to keep their wallets sealed over in Manchester, especially given the current climate of the world. In fact, all this could mean is the Bucs now become even more important than United than they already were and that the Sancho, Haaland and other deals get ignored even more as the Glazers look to build a Patriots-esque empire with Brady and co.

The Glazers will earn more now than they were if they didn't win the Super Bowl, of course, but the chances of this being inputted into United are unclear and given their history at Old Trafford, it is unlikely they will do so. But, in adding to their already billion-dollar empire, the Glazers can fork out that extra £30m they refused to do so for Sancho more than they could have last summer.

And in actual fact, they now don't really have an excuse as the proof is in the pudding with the Brady signing, as they showed that one signing in sport truly can change the game.