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Euro 2020 Kits: Top 10 Euro 2020 Kits

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Germany Away Shirt

Made by Adidas, Germany’s away shirt for Euro 2020 features are black/carbon colour scheme, which is also incorporated into the Adidas and German federation logos. The black, red and gold of the German flag will be used on the sleeve cuffs, providing nice detail to an already classy shirt. The shorts and socks for the kit follow to black/carbon colour schemes, while the players' names and numbers will be white.

It's not just one of the best Euro 2020 kits, but perhaps the nicest Euro 2020 on show.

England Home Shirt

England’s home shirt for Euro 2020 is a classic, simple design which takes inspiration for an iconic 1998 France World Cup. The shirt is predominantly white, with a royal blue, navy and red trimming on the collar and zig-zagging down the side. The England national team badge and Nike logo will feature in royal blue, while the players names and numbers will be red, giving the shirt a ‘retro’ look.

Sweden Away Shirt

Another classy Adidas shirt with a minimalistic design and Sweden’s away shirt for this summer's tournament will make the likes of Zlatan Ibrahimovic look the part for his major international return.

The shirt presents a yellow pinstripe design over a navy blue base, as well as the three Adidas stripes featuring in yellow on the shoulders of the kit. A very class outfit.

Germany Home Shirt

Launched back in November 2019, the Germany home shirt comes close to being as nice as its away form.

The jersey features a crisp, modern-styled white shirt, accompanied with black horizontal pinstripes and black trimming. Similarly to the away shirt, the sleeve cuffs incorporate the unique German flag colours. Accompanying the shirt will be black shorts and white socks.

The away jersey is spectacular is its own way, and this way brings the German feel to it. In terms of the nations two kits (home and away) at the Euro's, nobody comes close to Germany this summer.

Belgium Home Shirt

Belgium’s home shirt ahead of Euro 2020 will have the new Belgium football federation badge on for the first time.

An eye-catching all red design is made by Adidas, and a brushstroke ‘B’ graphic on the front of the shirt. The edges of the shirt are a black and yellow trimming, matching the colours of the Belgian flag, with the shorts and socks are the kit both in the same red as the top.

It's a striking outfit this one and one of the best Euro 2020 kits.

France Home Shirt

Nike have had another throwback to the 1998 World Cup for this design, which brings back happy memories for French fans of a first-ever World Cup title, 20 years prior to them adding their second star.

Similarly to the 1998 kit, this kit has a navy blue base, with a solid single red line horizontally across the chest. Under the red line, are several slightly thinner lighter blue lines also running across the chest. On the design, Kylian Mbappe said, “I think two years ago (World Cup 2018) we brought the country together, just like back in 1998.

"Now we will wear a red stripe on our shirt just like they did.”

Classy approach.

Wales Away Shirt

Sure to raise a few eyebrows due to its striking colour scheme, the Wales away shirt for the Euros is inspired by the Convido 20 pattern design. The shirt has a bespoke banana yellow and olive green colour scheme, with yellow being the based colour of the shirt.

The yellow top will be joined by green shorts and yellow socks, and will be sure to stand out at this summer tournament and despite the colours being way off the nation's flag, we think it's one of the best Euro 2020 kits.

Portugal Away Shirt

Another shirt made by Nike, Portugal’s away top for the tournament is heavily inspired from the championship-winning 2016 kit, which brings back fond memories for the Portuguese.

The shirt is a predominantly light teal colour, with a black, red and darker shade of teal stripes running across the chest of the shirt. The top is completed with a black trimming and you can see Ronaldo donning it in front of a sea of Austrian red below.

It's not one of the nicest Euro 2020 kits, but it's appealing for sure.

Slovakia Home Shirt

Slovakia home shirt ahead of the Euros pays tribute to the country's mountainous regions through fine printing on the shirt. The mountains can be seen in different shades of blue when looking at the shirt in closer detail and it is truly a memorable shirt and one of the nicest Euro 2020 kits on show because of what it means to the fans.

The Nike shirt combines different shades of blue, with white trimming, incorporating the colours of the Slovakian flag. They may not go far this summer, but their shirt will in the best Euro 2020 kits argument.

Croatia Home Shirt

Croatia’s shirt for this summer tournament boasts the classic red and white chequers, however, the chequers are slightly larger to what they have been in the past and it makes this one of the best Euro 2020 kits.

It's a simple, modernistic take on a classic design, however, its simplicity is what makes it one of the nicest Euro 2020 kits.

By Fred Dobberson