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The FA Cup Final is upon us

With Man City beating Brighton 1-0 and Watford beating Wolves 3-2 the FA Cup final clash is set in stone. That's why we thought it the perfect time to take a look at the history of the FA cup up until the present day.

We look at where it all began back in 1871 and who ended up winning the very first ever competition! We then skip forward to the present day and show you how much money is on offer for the competition winner, how many people watch the final each year and the mystery behind where the ribbons go on the FA Cup.

Continuing on we then look at the last 5 winners of the competition, it's safe to say Arsenal love to win a FA Cup. Fortunately, so do 43 other teams as that's the number of different teams who have managed to lift the trophy themselves.

Ever wondered which team have scored the most goals over the history of the FA Cup competition? You'll be surprised by which team currently holds the record!

Finally, we also look at this year's FA Cup finalists and their odds to go on and lift the trophy. We look at their journeys to the final and also do a head to head comparison of how we might think each side might line up.

If you're going to be betting on the Final this year, you can find all of our football tips for the match and all other football matches that will be happening soon.

FA Cup Final Infographic

Betting On the Final

If you're going to bet on the FA Cup Final this year then it might be advisable to get yourself some football free bets ahead of the game so you can get involved.