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EXCLUSIVE: FootyAccumulators talk to Bury's Nicky Adams

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The Shakers wide man speaks honestly about life at Bury

This season has been a funny one for Bury. Having been relegated from League One at the end of the 2017-18 campaign, the Shakers had aspirations of bouncing straight back to the third tier of English football this term, and that's exactly what they did after a hugely successful season on the pitch resulted in the club finishing second in League Two.

Having remained in the top three for the majority of their extremely demanding 46-game domestic campaign, the Gigg Lane outfit were tipped by many to be crowned champions of the division at the end of May, but a lull in performance towards the back end of the season - effected by a dismal situation away from the field - saw Lincoln City eventually pip them to the post by six points.

Although Bury's achievements this season may give the impression that everything in north Manchester is running smoothly, behind the scenes lies a club in real financial turmoil, a club that has failed to pay its players since February, whilst only just honouring non-playing staff with their wages for March.

The situation at Gigg Lane at the moment is one of despair, with supporters of the club this week pitching together to raise money for the staff who currently find themselves the worst affected. So far, kind-hearted fans have raised over £900 in food shop vouchers for unpaid staff to use in the absence of their full salaries, and though this is a heartwarming story, it is equally as devastating that things have been allowed to get this bad.

It is not just off-field staff who have been affected by this, however, but also the players, who as previously mentioned are yet to receive payment from the club for the months of March and April, with it likely May's will not be delivered on time either. If it wasn't for the PFA, who intervened and paid playing staff 50% of their wages for March, the situation would be even worse.

In an open and honest interview with FootyAccumulators, current Bury midfielder Nicky Adams talked about his affiliation with the club, what spurred them on to greatness last season despite troubles off the pitch, and what he thinks about manager Ryan Lowe's future at the club amidst rumours that he is wanted by a host of sides in the football league.

Adams talks to FootyAccums

You've signed for Bury three times during your career, what is it about the club that's so special to you?

It's where I started as a kid, they gave me a chance to be a footballer and I'm forever grateful for that. I can't speak highly enough of them, we've been promoted twice during my spells at the club, too, so I've got some great memories here.

The off-field problems Bury have faced this season has been well documented - what's been the thing to spur you and the team on throughout this difficult, yet successful campaign?

The only thing that we as players could effect was promotion, a lot of people spent the season telling us that we were the best team in the league and that we should be winning it, and deep down we knew that too with the talent we've got in the side. We didn't want to waste the opportunity, regardless of the issues we faced away from the pitch. If you get promoted it's just special, for the players and fans who deserve success. You're in the history books at the club after that and you can never take that away.

What's the mood like in the camp at the moment, obviously with earning promotion but not being paid in months, it must feel a little bittersweet?

It's tough, i'm speaking to the gaffer on a daily basis. Obviously finishing second and earning promotion was an unbelievable feeling and one we're all really proud of, and the players want to stay and make a real go of it in League One next season because it's the least the fans deserve, but it's just hard because even though we're footballers, we're still people who have families to look after and it's going to get to the point where if things are not sorted within the next couple of weeks then unfortunately people are just going to go and find another job. It's just the way of life, you can't live for free and we're not millionaires, but it's difficult because like I say we all love the club and really want to be a part of things moving forward.

You touched on the gaffer just then, he's done a fantastic job this season and is reportedly gaining plenty of interest elsewhere - notably Plymouth Argyle - do you think in your heart of hearts that you'll be able to keep hold of him?

Lowey's done absolutely brilliant this season, he's one of the lads and deserves all the success he gets in management, one thing I can say for certain is that he does want to stay at the club and take this group of players forward, but like I say, if you're hands forced then there's nothing he can do. The powers that be, to be brutally honest, are treating us all like absolute shit so, listen, he's been a great friend of mine for a long time now, and after this year he's an even better one and i'll always hold him in a high regard. We all hope he stays we really do, but if he doesn't then it won't be a decision taken lightly. One things for sure though, whatever he does end up doing, he'll be very successful doing it because he's a top lad and a great manager with plenty to give.

And lastly, where are you looking forward to playing the most next season?

I will be looking forward to going to Bolton Wanderers, in front of the Horwich casuals thinking they're hard as nails and then when we turn them over there will be nothing they can do about it. I'll celebrate right in front of them, too, if I bag so that'll be a great feeling! Great stadium as well, it's a shame they find themselves in the position they do back down in League One, but as we know all too well, that's just football.

Nicky Adams
"I'm most looking forward to playing Bolton and celebrating in front of the Horwich casuals!"

Player statement


Best dressed

Not me, definitely not. That's a tough one, Nicky Maynard - he's absolutely loaded. Always swanning about in a different pair of Louboutins!

Worst dressed

Well, i'm a scally but i'm not worst dressed cos my scally gear is decent.. Tom Miller, the worst i've ever seen he looks like he's come from a jumble sale. I don't even know what it is, he's just a creature!

Busiest member of the squad

There's plenty at Bury! I'd have to say Jordan Rossiter, the lad who came in, he's a good pro and fantastic player too. He's not too busy to be fair, he just does things right every day, you know what I mean.


Danny Mayor, like you have never ever seen. What a wonderful footballer that lad is, but he is so fucking lazy! If he's on your team on a five-a-side, you may as well just accept that you've lost and hand your fivers in! Doesn't try a bit but when it comes to a Saturday he's comfortably the best player on the pitch, madness.

The joker

I'd say myself, cos I love giving it out to all the lads but to be fair they all batter me these days! I think i'm losing it a bit with the banter you know.. Dom Telford's funny, he's a funny lad and a good kid but he looks like Tyrion Lannister from Game of Thrones so you can just have him off all the time and he struggles for a response!

The hard man

Hmm... Stephen Dawson thinks he's a bit of a hard man, but to tell the truth I think I could probably do him! I'd have to say Scott Wharton - he looks like a bit of an hard man, but that's probably just cos he's got a head like a breeze block, you could just keep hitting him and he wouldn't move!


Byron Moore, absolutely rapid. Like stupidly quick, it's not even funny.

Most skilful

Danny Mayor dribbling wise is an absolute joke, you can't get the ball off him in training, if he's on his game and can be bothered he'll completely take the piss out of you.

Finally.. who's the longest in the shower?

Well I can certainly tell you that's not me! Harry Bunn had a right chopper on him but he left early doors, Dawsy's packing, too, but I'm convinced he plays with it before he gets in to make it look a bit better.. cheating!

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