Liverpool fan's hilarious misunderstanding on TalkSport radio phone-in

This Liverpool had what can only be described as a stinker

Liverpool's Champions League last-16 tie with Bayern Munich on Tuesday evening was a massive anti-climax, as the free-scoring pair couldn't muster a single goal between them.

A goalless stalemate at Anfield means that the tie will be decided in the return leg next month, with it difficult to see who will prevail after witnessing how wasteful the Reds were in front of goal and how solid the Germans were defensively.

With the tie so easily poised, should Liverpool score an away goal at the Allianz Arena, it will put them firmly in the ascendency as Bayern will then have to score two goals to win the game outright due to the mysterious 'away goals' rule.

If Liverpool do score once in Germany, and Bayern reply with just one goal, then it will be the Reds who progress through to the next round because of the complex ruling. Technically then, this confused Liverpool fan who phoned in to TalkSport's Sports Bar with Andy Goldstein and Jason Cundy did have a bit of a point, sort of.

The Reds supporter was under the impression that the away goals rule means that regardless of how many goals the visitors score, the hosts will then have to double that to win the match, which of course is completely incorrect.

"Will we go through? Well, you know, a draw will do us in, err, Munich and we'll go through. So, we don't need to win," said the fan. "We can just draw - if we score a goal they need to score one, or two. So, y'know, remember one thing Andy: away goals count double." Riiiiiight.

He then went onto say:

"So if we score a goal in Munich they'll have to score two. If we score two, they'll have to score four. So, err, you have to remember that we're still in a very good position."

His comments were greeted with an outburst of laughter from presenters Cundy and Goldstein, as the latter attempted to explain to the fan how the away goals rule actually works, through stifled laughter.

"I think three, I think three Steve. Steve, I think if you score two away goals they'll only need to get three," said Goldstein, before adding: "I mean, it's not... it's not actually double. You know it's not actually. Like if you score three away goals, they don't have to score six."

An absolutely hilarious exchange which ended with the poor called ending it with a simple, helpless "Andy", which just made things ten times funnier. Enjoy.